How to Download and Save TikTok Video


TikTok is the most popular platform for short video sharing in the world. It rightly took over the title after Vine was pulled from the Internet. Many will recognize the site by its former avatar as It is popular with celebrities and common people alike.

TikTok is quite novel in its approach to accessibility of videos. It allows users to download anybody’s videos from its site, even when you are not logged in. This makes it very easy to download and save TikTok videos to your device without the use of an video downloader. However, in your computer, you will still need third party assistance.

A typical example of Tiktok video downloader

The four ways you can download a TikTok video are listed below:

  1. Direct Method – In your phone, open the desired video. Long press on it and select “Save video”. Alternatively, you can also click on “Share” and press “Save video” in the second row of icons. However, if the account owner has chosen to block downloads, you can save the video by converting it into a gif. This is done by clicking on “Share” and pressing “Share as GIF”in the second row of the pop-up. Choose the length of the video you want to save as gif and click on “Generate” at the top left. This will be saved in your default Images folder. Another way is to click “Share”, then click “Copy link” and then simply downloading it through an online video downloader or TikTok video downloader application as described later.
  2. Video Downloader Application – You can also download and install a video downloader application to your device. Now copy the video URL, open the downloader and paste it in the search bar. Press Enter. A number of video format and quality options will be shown. Choose one and click on “Download”.
  3. Online Video Downloader – Online video downloaders like Video Downloadr supports the downloading of TikTok videos. Copy the video URL first. In a PC, you can do this by opening TikTok and navigating to the video. Without opening it, right-click on it and click “Copy link address”. You can also simply open the video and copy the link in the browser address bar. In the smartphone, do as explained before. Now open the video downloader in a New Tab of your web browser, paste the link in the search bar and click on Download.
  4. Add-on – There are a number of multi-functional downloader add-ons that carry YouTube video downloader, Facebook video downloader, Instagram video downloader, etc. all in one. These will detect the TikTok video on the screen or on copying its link, and load several download options. Choose one to download it.

TikTok’s open sharing policy is quite convenient to users, and one of the factors that attracts more and more users. However, for download-blocked videos, the latter methods can be used.


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