How Music Helps To Improve Focus And Productivity

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We all enjoy good music. But did you know that music can improve your mood and increase your focus and productivity? This is something many of us are looking to improve, especially those of us in high focus jobs like those who work in IT Support Services. Here we will take a look at what kind of music will work best for different situations. There is no clear consensus on which genre is most effective in improving concentration, but it has been found that different music is better suited for different situations.

We all know that music can affect our mood. It has been proven that when listening to your favourite song, the brain releases the chemical dopamine, which reduces stress and improves your mood. Being in a good mood decreases the amount of time that people procrastinate and will make it easier to stay on track when working.


When doing work that requires focus for long periods, it has been found that it is best to listen to music that you are familiar with. The areas of the brain that increase concentration are more active when listening to music that we are used to hearing all the time. New music is often distracting since your brain will be more inclined to focus on the unfamiliar sound, instead of the task at hand. Many studies have found that listening to classical or instrumental music can increase creativity since there are no lyrics to distract you.

Creating a positive work space

Having a playlist with fun music can definitely increase the mood of the office. Playing music that your staff knows and enjoys will increase employee morale and therefore increase productivity. If you work in an industry like hospitality, it is beneficial to play ambient music. This sets a positive mood for both staff and customers. Places like hotels use music to set the mood throughout the day. In the morning and evening they play more upbeat music, to wake people up and keep them going throughout the day. It helps staff stay energized in the evenings which also improves their productivity.

It is clear that listening to music has a positive effect on mood and productivity. It is something that should be incorporated as a tool in many environments and may be exactly what you’re missing in your daily routine. If you’re struggling to focus, try playing some of your favourite songs and see how that may help you focus.

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