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Learning is not something that only takes place in the classroom. Even where your college courses are concerned, it’s encouraged that you take your education into your own hands if you have any intention of reaping the greatest benefits. Course Hero and Chegg are two services that college students can use to create a better learning experience for themselves.

Course Hero 

Course Hero is an incredible online learning platform that contains millions of course-specific documentation, which is provided by an active community of educators and students. The idea is to help every graduate student to be prepared for different academic requirements, and having the platform to share and discover resources makes it that much easier. 

Practising, prevailing over learning hurdles, and understanding why they study what they do makes learning more effective and enjoyable. Using Course Hero achieves that kind of effect, as there are relevant uploads from people who have done exactly what you may be doing now at your college. See study guides and videos, take advantage of 24/7 tutoring and interactive practice problems. 


Chegg is another tremendous service that offers homework help, online tutoring, and internship/scholarship matching. It’s designed to help students at both the high school and college-level progress in learning and become ready for the working world that awaits them at the end of their academic tenure. The service also does physical and digital textbook rentals to help students access the content they need to succeed.

The site’s name is a very interesting one, as it merges the words “chicken” and “egg.” Now you may be wondering why those two words were chosen. After graduating from college, the founders had an unfortunate experience that many graduates go through. While they were educated in their field, the lack of experience meant that they could not land a job. Of course, you can’t get job experience without having a job. Therefore, you end up with a corporate version of the chicken and egg problem. 

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How Students Can Grab Unlocks for Free

While Course Hero and Chegg do an amazing job, they are not free services. The subscription model is understandable, as the teams behind both sites put an extensive amount of work into ensuring that everything is up to par and consistently available. This means that students must come up with the funds for monthly subscription fees for these sites if they want to take advantage of the information and other resources available.

Unfortunately, the subscription fees are not the most manageable, and the average student tends to be in a position where subscribing to such a service is not very affordable. It’s simply not feasible in some cases because students only need assistance with one or just a few small issues. So, doesn’t that student end up making an inefficient spend for a whole subscription?

That’s where comes into the mix. Not only does it offer five daily unlocks, but students can also get access to further unlocks for as little as $3.97 each. When you compare this to the monthly charges that Course Hero and Chegg require, it’s a steal. The five free unlocks are good enough, but with the low pricing for further unlocks if you need them, you only pay for what you use, which results in a cheaper experience for you.

Simple Ordering Process

The best part is that the ordering process for is streamlined and straightforward. That’s because it sits on the power of Paylinks. Paylinks has integrations with PayPal and Stripe, which means that you get a link that takes you to a secure gateway, which allows you to quickly and easily make your payment in less than a minute. You can have your unlock in no time at all!

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