Gardening : An Innovative Business Idea

By Anusha Valiveti

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The coronavirus pandemic has driven all of us to our homes, via the infamous lockdown. Many people, especially the younger ones, waste much of their time because they lack a hobby. Products from ‘Gardeningistic’ help alleviate the problem of what to do. As the name suggests, Gardeningistic is all about gardening. 

Why Gardening?

Gardening is a wonderful thing to do, if done in the right way. It is not very time consuming and doesn’t require too much effort to practice. If plants are cultivated at home, they can improve oxygen levels. They are also a source of aesthetic value. According to certain studies, the sight of plants boosts general health and creates happiness in viewer’s mind. Above all, gardening provides a productive avocation to people who don’t feel like doing anything serious. At Gardeningistic, gardening as a hobby is encouraged by selling various products which help to cultivate the practice of gardening as a hobby. 

Unique Brand Positioning

Gardeningistic will sell a variety of products ranging from indoor gardening kits to outdoor gardening setups. The first product variant is an indoor plant décor. These will be sold as either wall hangings or table top décor to brighten up rooms by bringing nature inside them. The plants in this product are easy to grow, small and require little maintenance. The buyer can choose as to which plant(s) they want, among the choices of Anthurium, Asparagus Fern, Baby Toes, Echeveria, Jade plant and Spider plant. Based on the requirements of the plant, the plants will be kept in gravel or soil. The size of the décor item will depend on the buyer’s preference. The pots or baskets in which the plants will grow will be eco-friendly and biodegradable. The second product will be a gardening kit for hardcore gardening, which requires more passion. First-time buyers will be given a ‘beginner’s kit’, where they can choose to grow any two to five plants among Money plants, Marigolds, Radishes, Tomatoes, Carrots, Snap Peas, and Sunflowers. Two earthen pots will be provided. Along with that, bags containing manure and soil will be given. The seeds of the respective plants will be supplied in a small packet. Other gardening necessities like organic fertilizers will be provided within the kit. Most importantly, a guide listing the duties of gardening will be provided. For more advanced gardeners, a ‘senior kit’ will be provided where the buyer can grow any number of plants from a variety of Orchids, Ferns, Roses, Cheese plant, Peace Lilies, Crotons and Gardenias. Manure will not be given, instead a section in the guide will be provided, on the process of making manure. All the other implements will be the same as seen in the former kit. Gardeningistic will also sell compost kits, which are basically pots of varying sizes, with guides on how to make compost. Other products related to gardening will also be sold by Gardeningistic. 

Unique selling point and profit formula  

Products from Gardeningistic can be used by people of any age. They are simple, attractive and productive, which make them an ideal product for startups which are relevant to the current pandemic situation. The products will be priced cheap, at a reasonable profit margin. Since these products will be of good value, and will be affordable, more people will be interested in purchasing these products. Advertisements talking about the advantages of gardening and the good these products will do, in terms of Eco friendliness, biodegradability and sustainability; will help strengthening this vocation. People will also be interested in these kinds of activities mainly due to boredom during the lockdown. Besides being just a hobby, gardening helps both the environment and the people in ways which were previously mentioned. Apart from advertisements, the products themselves encourage people to take up gardening. After graduating from the level of a ‘beginner’s kit’, people are compelled to take up the next kit i.e., the seniors’, and so forth. This helps the business to survive by keeping customers asking for more, also allowing customers to like it that way. 

Distribution channels

Gardeningistic will have its own local workshop, established with the investment put into the business. At the beginnings, Gardeningistic will use only household labor, and when needed, it will employ people and will pay them fairly. Gardeningistic will have its own website where products will be displayed with relevant specifications. Customers can choose what they will want to buy and will pay for them upon delivery. The ordered items will be dispatched from the workshop and will reach the buyer within a few days. With growth of the business, more profits will be earned, and workshops will be installed in more places, thereby creating even more opportunities for expansion. After this, with the profits generated, Gardeningistic might be able to open showrooms and expand their products. Soon enough, a large number of people will be interested in gardening, thereby increasing the scope of the business even more.

Concluding, it is trying to be said that Gardeningistic as a startup is a sustainable enterprise, which will not only do good to its founders (and employees), but also will have many, many advantages to its customers. By doing this, the environment is also benefited. This fact clearly outlays any possible disadvantages and does good to all stakeholders involved, which is the ultimate duty, be it a startup or a fully functional business enterprise.  

By Anusha Valiveti, Chennai, Tamil Nadu


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