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“Failure will never overtake me if my choice to succeed is strong enough…..”

Taking a look at our country few years ago what we feel is just like inhabiting in a village.

Forget about allowing the girls to work outside the country instead they were expected to cover their faces under the veil and somewhere “that talent that passion of showing the world what a women can do ,also remained covered under that dark veil”.

Also at the time of late 90’s to early 2000’s most of the work in banks, post offices and other government offices were manual which was on one hand too cumbersome and on the other prone to errors and scams.

Students and other common public were forced to belief what higher officials said as no other option like “getting things done by Google”  nowadays were not available then..

As the time fled Internet, Computers and Concepts of digitalization were introduced and it was the first time when genuinely a new India was emerging “not only in papers or political leader speeches but in true sense..

And this introduction of a versatile component (digitalization and computerization) in ever changing India had some great major impacts:

Earlier the work which was done manually now became computerized, further the addition of the technologies of 4th and 5th generation of computers made it easier to track the errors and made the system corruption free and concise.

Provided the greatest of all i.e. once in a lifetime opportunities of taking part in activities of national level like “INTERNATIONAL ESSAY COMPETITIONS” , without the advancement of technology it was nothing but a dream to sit at home and showcase one’s talent on a global platform.

•Gaining knowledge became easier with the introduction of “Digilibrary”, having almost every books in different languages.

•Identification and attendance through biometrics had even turned the verification process to a more transparent level.

•“Google Assistant”is unarguably one of the bestest human like robot ever ready to help the google surfers.

Last but not the least is social media platform enabling ordinary people to communicate their views and ideas to the higher authorities of their country via platforms like twitter handles, facebook, online polls etc.

Just like every coin has two faces every new innovation or technology is accompanied by lots of pros as well as cons.

Though lesser as compared to merits still there are a lot of demerits of digitalization:

• Recently the news of data leak through facebook broke. A platform which has 2.23 billion active monthly users such an activity is a serious threat to the privacy.

•It has also been found that approximately 80% of the news circulated on the whatsapp  is either completely fake rumours or repeated jokes or nuisance stuff.

Children and teenagers are becoming victim to some serious troubles like “Blue whale challenge”,”Momo Suicide challenge” games.

Forgery and theft are become common. Credit cards and internet banking frauds have become some common headlines of local dailies.

Fake dating and matrimonial sites are leaving no stones unturned in destroying one’s life or dignity.

Pornographical and other explicit material present easily on the internet is more than enough in destroying a teenager’s peaceful and diligent mind.

(Some fake companies are widely present to destroy a job seeker with in 1/10th of a second.) Broader analysis of impact of digitalization ,E commerce and Internet:

Behelding almost equal number of their merits and demerits it can not be justificably said whether their impact is purely boonful or baneful.But the answer to question whether they are essential or not is undoubtedly a big YES!!!.Every newly launched thing is made for serving the needs of society to make people more advance more aware and smarter.

Just because heinous crimes like rapes sexual assaults happen in our country solution is to make girls aware of self defence , women helpline numbers, locking them in home forever is not the solution.

As It has been rightly said life is 1 % incidence and 99% is how we react to it, if instead of looking at the half empty side of a glass focusing on the half full one will enable us to make the smart use of smart phones.

If used in a well versed and proper manner all the associated banes will be vanished and it will become the one of the greatest booster of human resource.

Those who don’t have enough money or are physically disabled can take coaching of as highly competitive exams like UPSC, as already told by UPSC 2017 topper all what he studied was only through the ebooks available on the net.

It will make the life so easier and happy of all those homemakers who enjoy reading cookery books online or are themselves youtubers.

Not only digitalization, internet , or e commerce are the only amenities which are constantly trying to make our life easier there are other things too like :

•modern technology in sports is allowing India to produce more diamonds to perform better at international level.

“Cardiovision”, a unique technology allowing blind people to walk easily without being tripping because of the presence of objects in between.

•Last but not the least “Scientists are even trying to find a hope of life on mars”!!!!

Before any new invention no creator want his/her invention to be bane for the society. Being a responsible citizen of a country its our duty to appreciate and use the new invention in a positive manner and nullifying its negative consequences(if any) to as much extent as we could.


Author Bio : Niharika Nigam, from KANPUR, the winner of the International Essay Competition of month of September, School Level. Win a trophy, e-certificate and 20$ gift coupon.

Niharika Nigam, holding the trophy and certificate



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