Fatal Consequences of Cyber Crime in the Digital Era


“Prevention is better than cure”

The change that I wish to implement for uplifting society  is the awareness over the cybercrime which increases day to day drastically. As per the recent data, shockingly, more than 100 cyber crimes are taking place per week successfully. I think that the next world war will be of no arms and weapons as well as not of blood, but it will be of  cyber warfare. Because, everything now in this age gives way to digital  Platform so that every confidential matter at shared and received through networks. So knowing these secrets and theme the Opponent can easily loot over. So that it is essential to make Change in this growing field for progress and peaceful society. Prevention would be the topmost solution idea for this criteria So, some of the strategies and implementation are discussed In this essay, which give complete awareness which lead to the growth of our society.


Each and every day the victims and society gets affected by these cyber criminals in a large scale. The major destructive thing of cyber crime to the society is as follows:

Child pornography

  • In this network are used to create medium that sexually exploit underage children.
  • This type of polluted things is made by illegal hackers from destroying the society for his/her own individual gain.
  • It mainly targets the youth community which directly makes a negative impact on growth of society.

 Online frauds:

  • As earlier I said this century, moving toward computer age, life came to a scenario where society cannot live without its usage. This became great situation for the hackers to gain more like “Golden egg laying chicken”
  • Online cheats becoming in dominating business like gambling through the internet, credit card crimes, affecting jobs etc.., .This threats not only individual but also big corporate and even government bodies of the society. Here the bank accounts and the data’s are easily hacked


 Cyber crime also called e-crime. Today business and large scale industry are completely made digital where the paper works are limited. All the business is maintained through networks for easy and instant business solution. This cyber criminals find loop holes and capturing their assets and data. This crime makes the clients confidence to get lower this leads to chaos and big stress not only for the boss, but to disturbance of monthly salary earning employees. The result in the drawback of the economy and taking society back to pre-age.

Cyber Terrorism:

The most artificial disaster to the society is cyber terrorism. This terror group uses the Internet for research and attacking of the society. Where to get detailed data’s of the military and various organizations to fear people and ruin them. This terrorism is formed by selecting talented group with bad family/personal situation and targeting them to become threat to this society.

360°  protection and safety:

 Preparation is the key to success”

Preventing cyber attacks on society might be the better solution to make harmony in the society. These solutions can be achieved if we are alert and dedicated. Some of the solutions are to be implemented of the given below to which optimum change can be done.

How to deal with cyber crime is Awareness and education:

The first and foremost thing must be undergone is spreading awareness and provide education over this technology threat. At first, in the business community must train the employees about the fundamental structure on  security. Some of the common things to have knowledge over,

  1. Phishing
  2. Not replying to unofficial mails
  3. Not sharing of a company’s data to third person includes government

Offices which contain details of public

  1. Talking about software used and about company processes in public

Arenas like supermarket, malls, etc.., .

Educating the school students about its harms as the future generation going to  be in critical level of this bad time. So, now itself, providing clarity than, it becomes nightmares for the hackers.

Avoid insecure wireless:

In today’s world if a person keeps password “no one can change password” the Next fraction of second the hacker change them to “challenge accepted” so that  Protected also become unprotected. Some of things to follow in this busy world is as given, follow some of Them for the social well being.

  • Usage of password with alpha numeric
  • Especially make sureof [ wpa-2 is ideal]
  • Mainly, avoid public networks in railway stations, other outside arenas

Which gives way to attack avenues


Encryption is the way of sending information of texts in the form of code values which provide a tough scenario for the hackers to lay-out data because the receiver can open only the authorization of the sender.  This method can be implemented in the field of information sending and which are very confidential like military data. So that information can be torn out.

Practice selfi awareness:

Photos shared in online is like giving PIN number of ATM cards to a thief. Because when we capture our beauty we forget about the thing that are Behind us it gives cyber criminals clues to pin-point location, other such info gives malicious hackers to identify your profile and to calculate sketch on how to track on you. Though it may be shocking, but its reality that I wish to share with the society.

Cyber insurance:

We have come across many insurances but this might be new and effective Thing for the safety of the individual and the society. As this kind of insurance Provides and prevents data losses in a skilled manner. This type of insurance can be added with helping their client to find with hackers and decode their cyber attacks on all ways. So that it will act as pesticides to kill hacking worms.

Law enforcement:

 After everything the whole protection must be shielded with strict laws which make level of this attack to minimize. So that the punishment  be very complex Which must shiver this hacker society. As China has banned most of popular websites including Google, Facebook for Their safe e-commerce This attack can be reduced as following of a life long sentence to jail. Seizing of their academy if they undergone studies. Since there are a lot of loop wholes on cyber laws it should be rectified first.

   “As evil raises, there’s an angel to reclaim”

So that protection to be done on great level is the top most remedy to give sleepless nights to this bad evil. Finally, technology beam is raising  burdens which must be cured for upliftment of the society.

Author Bio: Mohammed Razick. H, a participant of Essay Competition for the month of August-2018.


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