Cloud Storage With Content Management System


Cloud storage is digit data stored in logic pools, served with multiple options (with locations). It is a physical environment with a typical hosted company. It helps to access the data and protected by a physical environment. People organized the capacity of cloud storage to run the various application data. Cloud storage helps to locate various computer services through web service application. API (application programming interface) it is programming to keep the data of cloud storage in the desktop of a computer.


Cloud storage was invented by Joseph Carl Robnett Licklinder in the 1960s. 1983 Company called Compuserve used these program converted into a small disc can be used to store any data in form of files. In 1994 AT&T launched the website name PersonaLink Services; it is a kind of personal and business communication. It is electronic meeting in terms of services introduced by Amazon cloud storage used as management for businesses services.


Cloud storage based on infrastructure used in a computer in terms of accessible interface, elasticity and metered with various off- premises. Cloud storage helps in hosting various objects to broaden and these services used as sources like block storage system. Cloud storage also act as distribution resources in terms of cooperative storage. Cloud storage is redundancy and highly tolerant. It’s durable in nature.

• In company Cloud storage used as average consumption in a month due to less expensive.
• A business using 70 % of cloud storage in terms of green business. It is vendor level of energy equipped with managing in order to keep the cost-cutting down.
• The organization chooses premises cloud storage in terms of operation depending upon direct cost-saving potential and record the regulation laws and policies.
• Storage maintenance tasks, chasing storage capacity and loaded with services provider.
• Cloud storage provides immediate to broad the storage capacity to help the responsibility of service provider.
• Cloud storage provides additional storage capacity with tasks without any load to the server.
• Cloud storage organized the infrastructure with web service interface.
• Cloud storage can move a virtual image between a user account and data centers.
• Cloud storage can be used as a back system for 2-3 devices around the global.
• Cloud storage helps in mapping the organization with multiple office locations.

• Data is replicated in terms of services of data in cloud storage as in the level of customer chooses is used as shredding.
• It helps to protect from viruses so encryption is used in cloud storage.
• It helps to expand the data used in cloud storage from the recovery of disaster.
• Cloud storage is rich for hackers and national security because cloud storage holds the organization and hackers for a valuable target.
• Cloud storage is reliable and available depend upon network system of hardware and algorithms.
• Encrypting the data can serve on-ramp services and protection cloud storage from encryption.
• It helps to store data domestically and internationally due to regulatory compliances in cloud storage.

Author: Harsh Jain, a civil engineer and freelancer content writer


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