Best Tips to Help You Excel in Your CompTIA Network+ Exam


When big IT firms post job requirements, hordes of potential candidates apply for a rewarding career in information technology. Most of the job aspirants are eliminated in the initial rounds of interviews and those who make to the final HR round are selected based on their knowledge, certifications, and skill sets. Therefore, if you have the CompTIA Network+ certification, you too can have a rewarding career.

According to an article published on, one of the hardest things to return to the learning mindset after completing education is squeezing time out, sit, and study again. That is because the Network+ certification is an intensive course and calls for your full time and commitment. How do you excel in the exam? Here is how:

Finding time for PBQ

It is not that simple to manage your time when answering correctly the performance-based questions or PBQs, which is essential to succeed in the Network+ exam. The test is based on your problem-solving skills and takes much of your time to answer all the questions accurately.

First, analyze and understand the problem before you start solving the same. Once you know that, you can attempt the question. This applies to all the PBQ questions. If you start solving the questions that you aren’t familiar with, it will take a lot of your time, leaving very little time for the rest of the questions. Therefore, answer the questions whose answers you know. Finish these first and then attempt the difficult questions to crack the Network+ exam.

Make the best use ofkey phrases

You should be able to spot the key phrases in the test questions, paying more heed to capitalized, bold words for some reason. When you find a question or two difficult to answer, try to solve those using the key phrases and capitalized, bold words to help you with the exam. Now, to answer the questions, you need practice in advance before the date of the exam.

Make assumptions and exclusions

Did you know that in multiple-choice kind of questions, you can guess the correct answer if you know the wrong answers? With four options, you can exclude the incorrect ones and figure out the right answer. You have to make educated guesswork sometimes because CompTIA Network+ does not have negative marking. Sometimes, you need to do smart thinking to crack such exams, the strategy of deductions and exclusions.

Learn from the questions

A couple of times, an answer to a previous question might reveal itself in questions asked later in the exam. When you get a hint from a new question, it would help you solve a previous question. Therefore, it is always necessary to revisit the old questions that you skipped initially. Your aim is to answer all questions correctly,using your knowledge, common sense, sometimes, guesswork, and deduction.

Answer all questions

You should answer all questions because the test has no negative marking. Even if you do not know the answer to a few questions, you should answer all questions to achieve the maximum score.


Now that you have these tips handy, use these ideas when taking the CompTIA Network+ exam. If you study seriously, you will succeed.


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