Technological Advancement In INDIA | Latest Technologies And Their Impacts

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           I would like to share a piece of information relevant to the topic. The last decade had the greatest technological development and gave birth to new technologies. These technologies which emerged have their impacts and they are as follows,

          As an individual, we can get the latest updates about the government policies, schemes, and programs through the internet. And I amazed how this large amount of data reach every citizen and how it is processed and handled? And after the knowledge of E-governance provided by our Indian Government I came to a conclusion that the technology behind it is cloud computing and big data analytics which had its origin in the last decade.Big data analytics has become so stylish that each significant technology organization sells an item with the “big data analytics” name on it, and a tremendous harvest of new companies additionally offers comparable tools. Cloud-based big data analytics have gotten especially well known. If you want to learn more about the technology the we would recommend you the Intellipaat Big data course for you.

           Now in India Aadhar card has been introduced and similarly the pan card, EMIS number data are also being maintained by the big data analytics tech.

          After a period, I was supposed to get into the website named to get eyeglasses suiting me. And after that, I came to know that they are providing a 3d trial of eyeglasses in our face. This by the superimposition of eyeglasses in the picture our face. I started to learn about the tech behind it and finally, I came to know that it was augmented reality. Similar applications of this tech which we use in our day to day life are SIB mirror, Caratlane, Makaan, Tinkle, and Sunseeker etc.

          When I was called on to Canara bank, eventually I found a robot in the corridor which was chatting with the customers thereby clearing their doubts, guiding them to relevant counters and making them feel happier. This is an impact of the increasing pace of robotics. Robotics is related to the tech AI. Artificial Intelligence was developed in the last decade. It also has its impact in maintaining law and order (RoboCop, AUVs), healthcare, manufacturing, farming (India’s first Agri-tech robot), education (Manav), defense (DRDO’s Daksh), transportation (drones) and in mining.

          A series of questions circled through my mind for a long period. The questions are, how cars are being tested for its safety, performance and its capability before it’s used? Whether it is tested on the roads?

          And at last, I came up with an answer that the cars in India and in the world are nowadays being tested at the manufacturing plants by using a tech named simulation. This tech also has its impact in the Indian defense sector to test weapons.

         A recent survey report which I saw in the newspaper says that this tech is going to be used in the medical field. This makes the Patients know about the impact of surgeries that they need undergo for certain reasons.

        When I visited a hospital, I saw a man with an artificial hand. A question bloomed in my mind and that was how that artificial hand made? Out of curiosity, I questioned the doctor about it and he gave me a suitable answer.

         The answer was that the hand was printed using alloys and photopolymers using a tech named 3D printing. Similarly, Indian Doctors at Gurgaon’s Medanta implemented a 3d printed vertebra in a woman.

         3D Printing prosthetics, dental implants and surgical guides have made their treatments more affordable and less complicated.

GKN Aerospace in India is also using this tech and electronics industry is highly experimenting to 3D Print electronic circuit boards itself using multiple extruders and conductive inks.

         Several companies like Nissan, Mahindra are heavily experimenting with 3D Printing in their production and prototyping processes. And it was developed during the last decade and named as Additive Manufacturing.

           Not only it is used in the industrial fields and medical field but it is also being used in cosmetics manufacturing.

           Not in a decade but certainly in three to four years, the situation will become as if we have a 3d printer, we can print the cosmetics which we need and the design which we need. This makes women love this tech, and it also favors minute designs.

           New job families and fields will emerge as a result of this technological development. Namely machine compliance manager, connectivity advisor, 3d printing and scanning tech, virtual and augmented reality designer.

          This technology development greatly adds to the economic growth. It provides employment to 3 million people and at the same time, it decreases by nearly 5 million employment.

          And this loss of employment can be managed by employing those people in the development of technologies and also in lacking areas where they are needed as creativity and imagination are boundless

         India has a large consumer market as well. The impact of these technologies is said to grow further in another five years. In areas like Big Data Analytics, IOT, IIOT India has gained considerable reputations.

         Niti (National Institution for Transforming India)Ayog has allocated more than 3,000 cores for the development of technologies. We are in the right direction towards adopting these technologies in our daily life.

        We need education and training towards the skill set required.  We need it right from the higher secondary school level.India will develop and participate in the technology innovation and lets think for interconnected India.

        In India hereafter network connectivity is said to transmit through led lights..


              Author BioDivya Dharshini.S,  Class X student from Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu.A participant of Monthly International Essay Competition, month of September.


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