Be Discreet With Your Kindness

By: Neha Shukla

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Once upon a time there was a small bird living inside the forest , she was very co-operative among the bird community. She was very polite and popular among the birds. She loved to soar high in the sky coming down and going up very rapidly and frequently. It was her daily routine. She survived herself by eating food left over on the cartoons of fast food. One day a male bird came in touch with this female bird and they became close friends soon. Male bird was slightly elder than the female bird . He was handsome ,bright in color his beak was comparatively bigger than female . There was tri color feather on the tip of his beak . Now daily both of them were flying miles and miles . The time was passing very fast. They were residing in the same nest. They loved each other all the time. All the bird community were well known of this fact. Both were enjoying their time together . Now the time came when female bird stopped eating and she was complaining of nausea and vomiting all the time . .

Actually this was first experience for both of them therefore they did know that they were going to be parents soon. Then female bird delivered two small children . There were beautiful male & female bird born . They were very cute and good looking. Whole bird community was very happy. Now the female bird stopped going outside. Only male bird went out and brought healthy food for his partner . After a week or so weakness of female bird vanished. Now she also started flying outside for bringing food for their kids . The healthy food provided by mother bird changed the color and shape of their children. They were growing fast and becoming healthy. The mother bird became lean and thin because she was doing extra work to fulfil the need of growing children . Birds of same community were jealous of her . Female bird was very happy with her life because she was having a family of four. All of her time goes in looking after his family.

Now she was not very social , The time came when children started going outside and started eating all kinds of food whether good or bad , healthy or unhealthy , fresh or stale so that they were growing fast but they became frail & unhealthy gaining extra weight and looking ugly. Nearby birds started taunting. After some days both the children became sick breathlessness was there , extra fat bulged out from their body and they were looking ugly and unshaped. Lady bird was very anxious regarding their health , now mother bird thought my children will die one day if I do nothing for them. She stopped going outside while the Father bird was doing all outside activities , mother bird limited the calorie intake of their children ,taking them for small distance walk. The idea worked , Their children started flying again not as much as they can but adequately . One day male bird did not return to the nest, the heart beat of female bird started beating fast. Whole night she was awake . Sun rose as usual the next day . Now a fellow male bird came and broke the news that her partner was flying just behind them with some young groups & was not taking any food since two days . He may have died of heart attack due to excessive workload. Female bird was shattered & heartbroken .

She was happy that her children survived. She was anxious from inside but did not show that to her kids. when she would be angry for a moment she started telling a stories to them . Their children regained laughter , time passed quickly. Diet control and exercise worked for both , the children were flying long distances daily. They would getup early in the morning, flew long distances and returned late in the evening. They built their stamina , they were looking slim and trim. They reduced their weight and regained their color . Mother was happy again but now both the bird children were enjoying their life with their group of friends , None cared for their mother . Mother bird became sick. She looked aged & stopped flying. When she went outside then she ate food otherwise slept empty stomach. Now she did not have the strength to fly therefore she slept all the time & started thinking that she would not survive too long.

The Real thing which was killing her from inside was carelessness of Children whom she had loved badly. Now she completely stopped going outside , if somebody gave some food then that was OK if not then was OK too. Time came when nobody gave her food for three days and mother bird died due to starvation. Their children were not seen in the vicinity . Early in the morning their children were on flying trip when they returned home, There was foul smell lingering all around their nest, typical flies flew ,no one dared to enter the nest . When the Children left the nest , there was a deep silence all around their house . Everyone was talking of love , care and sacrifice of their mother and unfair behavior of her children. Everyone was saying that our relations survive till we are alive and our body is like soil after death. Life is a complete cycle . There is happiness, There is sorrow , There is love There is hate, There is profit & There is loss , nothing is left after we are gone. The story of a small bird has given us a big message . Nobody is originally yours in this universe.

Do your duty but don’t hope anything from others. Everything is in this world is unstable , if any things looks good today that will be no more tomorrow. We are just loving those things which are not ours . This world is a bit of a gamble. If a person is helping you today then he is hoping you are going to help him tomorrow.. We are all travellers here if nothing is permanent here then why fighting for each & everything thing. Let’s enjoy our lives and go back to the final Destination. Everybody knows it but act as if they are unaware of this fact.

By: Neha Shukla

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