All About World Health Day

By Hemanth Sai

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Health it is a common factor of a human being to live on earth ,it generally means the problems come from inside our body parts or come on the parts are known as diseases what is the reason that health and diseases are tied a knot as a variable these are not same but health is being a calm factor the stability of an insane ,disease it never mean the issues occur during in care of our body take us some serious factors such as our body becomes dull,pains,headache, fever these all are a problems which are known as health problems to be illumine our body needs nice food and factors of high gain to be healthy.

Why is it needed?

As a result to dedicate the health of the people in making their efforts for their body strains likely the health issues which are directly dedicated as a informal health effects this is a campaign to protect all people of countries of the globe from severe trouble and efforts not to dying it is a governmental planning done by who (World Health Organization)

Who had started it and why?

The derivation of WHO had been starring many assembles and demonstrations from 1948 the reason abolished and manipulated the mind in the people, in olden days the people don’t know how to cure their health issues since for that sake some crores of people died then in that time means in 1948 before that like 1800s, 1700s many people died due to severe loss of blood and diseases there is no vehicle to go immediately there are no hospitals even though there  no idea to go for people the technology is not developed much .

Social issue created before establishing the world health day since many organizations argued with WHO and created a day which lead to create a view of a day with tribute to the doctors and the people who save the lives of some crores of lives it may be born babies, old people etc. anything it may be it is a factor of the demolishment every time at the time of April 7th world pays a very important attention on world health day issued by who organization

What factors occurred all over the world due to World Health day?

The occurrence lead to a story that it had changed the world with the obstacles with a miracle stories many diseases came out in the history but many people neglected after that who took the key decision to the people who neglected the diseases for them separately it gave money for taking the medicine for the illumination of money for people who love money for them who don’t take medicine for them who gave medicine and cured their diseases like diabetes ,fever, cough for all those things who made a solution in 2000.

Themes and decisions made by who for making world health day important?

Give blood and save lives, become a donor, the hospitals started treating the people in a proper way that they could save their lives for some years even though they don’t deserve the respect from people they tried to make it out it was 2006 the whole faced more diseases the organizations and the doctors were keeping their efforts and estimated their values for perfect valence from many institutes to make medicine correct to problem any people in any country should not die due to any diseases for that in 2008 who marked it out in establishing it in a contact with  proper food ,climate, things around the patients so nice they had known the problem they had invested some crores of money and they succeeded in that mission.2009 who had again mad the things better and made a good value for the people towards hospitals who had explained the people how the hospitals are helping them and how they need to see the hospitals not to neglect the hospitals and take care of them preventing accidents like fire .disasters,leakages.and how to give the people a basic security in hospitals.2010 the who had been confirmed some of the cities with high insane diseases and had been made out the hospitals how much the quintiles should be there in each .

Like that in food ,mosquitos, nurse improvement,  why people are dying a small age, research  on new things  ,birth rates decrease, blood decrease, eating safety and keeping health safe with food,diabetes,health for all, worldwide recovery

Today 2020,202 1 covid 19 nurse empowerment as covid 19 is a dangerous disease many people are suffering though the globe the is a new emergence of virus not have been through so much serious all over the world overly more than 20 crores people died.

Extra propagation through Who:-

The tentacles of who demonstrates all the world with relationship and a familiar help by many richest persons on earth since this explains every year  approximately up to 3 trillion$ are been used by the organization though who chief is using his money as a prospect he loves the people he is no more a selfish man .

Value for the particular day:-

On the day anybody don’t celebrate anything but they do tribute each doctor and citizen who fight for the country in any aspect as per the issue it’s not there in only one country all countries do affected by diseases all do tribute each other that’s why that day is been celebrated as world health day from 1948 since many generations had been grown some had been died some are there this is a day which it will remembered by all the doctors and citizens because it’s their value for their work and ambition what they had done for doing people.

By Hemanth Sai


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