All About Jewelry Designing and Career Opportunities

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Jewelry is the one of many revelations of metaphoric languages, worn as a form of adornment in order to enhance beauty. Designing jewelry in a broader term is translation of creative impulses or if more refined, desires, or inspirations in the means of production to reach tangibility, hence practicality. It is always well reciprocated with the allowance of movement of the wearer’s bodily parts, hence wear-ability.

In commercial terms jewelries are segregated based on their intrinsic value or materials used or the genres of the designs. But ‘jewelry’ as a term coalesce all those are tangible and ornamental, irrespective of any restrictive or liberative classifications; which can be empowering or disempowering for the designer or the wearer, because of its nature being intimate to the skin and materialized expression of a message (a possession or/and display). A Piece of jewelry can be an asset: a piece of property or savings, a piece of art, or a legacy wrapped in blankets of sensitivity and emotions. If you are looking for a fashion jewelry wholesale website, obviously is your best choice.

Other than an asset in India, Gold in Hinduism amongst other metals and bold precious Gems or crystals have been symbolized as auspicious blessings from heaven. Hence, designing a piece of jewelry is a very deliberate process of creation by proficient faculties. As a stream to build a career on, individual having education at least upto 8th standard are eligible for diploma, an advanced diploma or a graduation is possible if the candidate qualified upto 10th or higher secondary. A short span certification course to obtain specialized knowledge in any of the subsidiary subjects, often does not require much of educational background. For governmental institutes, certain percentages in secondary exam and entrance exams are demanded. For candidates interested to apply abroad, they must go through language tests (e.g. IELTS, LPTs etc) and must have stipulated educational background.

A complete course should consist of training and education over subsidiaries including: metallurgy and metal-smithing, Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing, Wax Modeling, Manual Design and Technical Drawing, Gemology and Diamond Particulars, Pricing, Polishing, Mounting, Inlaying, Enameling, Business Administration etc. Qualities like dexterity and sensitivity along patience are crucial however also can be developed. For some subjects drawing competency and computer operating knowledge come handy.

There are other specific or broader genres which share similar counterparts, such as Gem Carving or Wearable sculpture, an Art Director.  All of these subjects are versatile and share the jewelry industry, as all of them are hired in the managerial posts amongst giant luxury companies.  An in-depth knowledge and hands on skill are imperative at least in one of the subsidiaries to stand out amongst competitions in jobs or to form a business. In both cases, gathering experience as a trainee or considering an internship in order to get exposure and knowledge about ones role in the industry.

Sometimes according to needs a candidate can customize his/her courses to cater specific field, such as Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing + Photoshop + Corel Draw + Manual Design to cater Design field, Gem and Diamond Grading + Sorting + Pricing + Metallurgy along with Geography and Chemistry to work in the mining industry, Metallurgy + Chemistry + diploma in jewelry to work as  an assayer, Exporting and importing management + Diploma in jewelry to work as a certified exporter or importer of jewelry or gem materials etc.

Every part of the country has various styles and traditions of fabricating ornaments. All over India designers and smithmen work together in workshops or as self-employed to satisfy the demand. Mumbai and Surat in particular are famous for polishing diamonds, Jaipur as a trove of precious and semi-precious gems for merchants and traders. Exclusive technologies (similar to CAD + CAM or laser engraver) to fabricate modern jewelries can be accessed in metro cities. From Stores to Houses and MNCs hire smithmen, designers, appraisers, gem and diamond graders, enamellers, polishers and experts  are hired all over the world. Enterprises like skill service provider (freelance designer, freelance smith, enameller, inlayer, casting services etc), independent business (gem or diamond trader, metal and raw material trader, tool supplier etc) are profitable and satisfying options to consider.

Paris and Italy are considered as worlds chief fashion capitals, which are now receiving competitions from London, New York, Moscow, Hong Kong welcoming international talents as employees or internees, who suit their individual goals and interests. Most of High and Fine jewelry houses prioritize aesthetics irrespective of any conditions or boundaries which could limit a piece of jewelry to become a piece of art.

The stream of Indian traditional jewelry is being heavily encumbered, cause of lacking craftsmanship expertise and practicing westernization. Few generation jewelers such as The Gem Palace, are struggling to keep up with the modern approach of the industry. Traditional techniques of fabrication such as Minakari (enameling), Kundan, Jadau, Tarkashi etc are slowly being obsolete, being replaced by inexpensive metals and fake or semi precious stones.

Jewelry industry, which intersects investment, mining, arts, product manufacturing and fashion industries have a proverb, ‘as long as women are there, so are the jewelries’. The appreciation for aesthetics and longing for adorning is beyond any influence of economic condition. So, a successful future will rest on creative personnel.  As like others, jewelry industry has evolved and will also be evolving with time, always offering benefits and drawbacks. Although new technologies have bestowed to enhance the time and effort to make a piece, a skilled and talented craftsman on the other hand will always have the last triumph dedicated to enchanting beauty.

Author: Suman Dey, a Professional Jewelry Designer


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