A Journey From Hopelessness to Hopefulness


Hopelessness has increased in today’s world. One of the greatest reasons is the crisis we are facing during this pandemic. Many people are losing their job, many people cannot go to their own shelter, and many people have to stay away from their families and loved ones. In short people are losing their meaning of life. Feeling of hopelessness causes one to believe that they have little expectations from future. During this period, remaining hopeful is probably the greatest thing a person can do.  Hope is the courage and confidence a person bears during these hardships and miseries of life, this determination is required for living. And what happens after we survive this situation?  Perhaps we will understand the importance of life from a larger perspective. We will be more strong and adaptable. All this is possible only if we do not lose hope. Hope is the only thing we live for. During this lockdown period both physical and mental well being is required. So here is a small contribution for an individual’s journey from hopelessness to hopefulness…….

                                        Thus a philanthropist work is to show the path of this journey, by adding meaning to life of the individual .

*What are the causes of hopelessness? 

#Adaptability – Charles Darwin’s theory states the survival of the fittest. The strong and adaptive species lives and the weaker dies. Struggle and frustration are the creators of adaptable survival strategy , a proverb like what does not kill you makes you stronger has great significance in our life today.

#Communication and unity – Human beings are social animal, we need to talk, to express emotions, feelings and our need for unity . During this lockdown period we found that unity back. This lockdown has bought families together spending time with each other. People are working together to fight against a common cause. In this way Human connection is getting stronger.

#Depression  is one of the leading cause of hopelessness  . Causes of depression includes social isolation, identity crisis or unable to accept one’s own self because the person is unable to make a valuable social contribution during this pandemic.

#Socio-economic problems – Such as unemployment, poverty, homelessness, and discrimination may trigger hopelessness within an individual. Today many people have become homelessness, unemployed due to this pandemic situation.

#Insomnia is another important factors of hopelessness . During this period many people are becoming anxious about the situation that is disturbing their sleep cycle. Insomnia results in poor health condition .

*Hopelessness to hopefullness :-

Is it possible to bring hope within a hopeless person?                    

Yes off course, human beings are surviving from pre historic era overcoming natural calamities , war , flu, holocaust with many challenges and obstacles . We will overcome this too…. Where there is a will there is a way :-

# To remain optimistic, being hopeful against all circumstances restrain a person from becoming hopeless . This World is beautiful; sometimes we have to change our perspective of vision. Those who finds the positive aspects of life from all the negative shortcomings, is actually the winner of this survival strategy.

# A life of endless happiness without pain has actually no life within. Suffering is painful but a life without suffering and failures, ups and downs are the life that becomes stagnant. A stagnant life is a life that is not lived at all. So, the greatest thing parents can teach their child is not winning strategy but recovery from failure and misery and balanced philosophy of life, then only the child will learn to be optimistic, to be hopeful.

 # Lastly helping others or, ” an act of kindness” is one of the greatest strategy to keep away from lives misery . As when ones focus comes on others suffering and pain, all the individual pain seems to be so small and irrelevant. Thus meaning of life can be added by an act of kindness.

Each of our life is precious, we just have to see the positive aspects of life, and there will be hurdles. Life is itself a challenge where one has to fight under all circumstances and win the battle. A passionate life with higher purpose and self growth is simply what is needed. Remaining hopeful in every circumstances is required for a healthy living. World is healing and so are we.

Author, Angana Nandy – I am a student of psychology , my belief is that knowledge is learnt  to share  and writing is a beautiful platform to share and express my views and perspectives about the world.


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