7 Best Real-World AR Apps For Android


The concept of AR or Augmented Reality applications is indeed futuristic but in the current times many people prefer this trend. Almost 70% of individuals favour stores that comprise AR. 50% people are also ready to invest more money for wares subsequent to experiencing it via AR. But this is also true that 2/3rd of enterprises still are not familiar with this technology. Here the question that you need to evaluate is, whether this is the correct time for you to deem augmented reality apps for your particular ecommerce strategy or not. It is best to learn about the various AR apps for Android. You can always hire iOS app developers for slotting in such technology in your strategies.

AR is that technology that positions a 3D visual virtually into a completely real-world experience. The tech is largely utilized in gaming.

  • IKEA Place – Opt for IKEA Place as it is the best AR app development Android that emphasizes on home decor. Shoppers with this application attain the golden opportunity of putting their products in their abodes without the requirement of any assembly. This Swedish furniture retailer is truly noteworthy. In this application you can always witness the larger picture as your abode’s whole floor plan will be taken into account for learning the items that will fit the best & where. You can even try out numerous colours & utilise the drop & drag functionality.
  • GIPHY World – Imagine something extremely vibrant & colourful. GIPHY AR app in Android studio can be the other name of vibrancy. In this application you can discover animated AR & GIFs that convert videos & photos in canvasses for the purpose of 3D graphics. Just having an ecommerce store these days is not enough. You must engage in something more such as posting social media contents. To make these contents more attractive, you can try out GIPHY world. Add stunning graphics to all product photos for offering some extra flair for the social audience.
  • Houzz – Are you looking for AR apps for Android that serve as an amazing platform for furniture sellers & home goods? If yes, Houzz is the correct application for you. With this app you can get hands on the best interior designs & layouts. This platform is more of a home enhancement application comprising ecommerce functionality that enables uses for purchasing & browsing products in-application.

The feature named as “View in My Room” employs AR technology for positioning products into an image of the user’s abode. It utilizes 3D technology that makes the output photo lifelike. Also you can witness the products in a wide array of lighting. You can just sit on your couch for shopping other couches with this application.

  • YouCam Makeup – If you have requirements for both AR apps for iPhone & AR apps Android, YouCam Makeup is the one for you. Here you deal with the creativity of cosmetics. When you purchase makeup from stores, you never know how the shades will turn out to be on your face and body. Though you get the chance of trying out samples at the counter but your eyes get mostly tricked by the fluorescent lighting. Inside a mall or makeup store, you usually will never find the normal selfie lighting circumstances. But when it comes to YouCam Makeup, you get to utilize AR technology by which you can test makeup from a wide array of major brands.
  • Google Lens – As you hire a mobile app developer for Google Lens AR app, you will know that the app amazingly improves search experience. Here you do not need to type text based enquiries, instead after opening the application you can learn more by aiming at things you actually want. The app will recognize the object, inform you about the text & store vital numbers. In case the product is for online sale, the app will also tell you the place from where you can purchase the object. By this you can understand the benefit of considering a visual search tactic as a vital portion of your Search Engine Optimization approach.
  • Augment – One of the top real world apps currently is Augment. The application is solely for ecommerce store retailers. If you are an ecommerce shop owner, then you can craft augmented images of your products by using this app. The assets then get primed for your very own AR experience. It can be on the website, in mobile application or at in-person openings. If you want to drive field sales for your store such as pop-up shops, event sales and farmers markets, then hire iOS app developers toda
  • ROAR – If you are a business owner & seeking for a sound real world application, ROAR will be an amazing choice. You can get hands on numerous ways of using this app. For instance, you can integrate Augment Reality technology in print ads, get to know about categories & products that are eye-catching when experienced via AR, craft AR powered virtual stores that are accessible to customers when they will be scanning product packaging at their home.

Consumers can also benefit a lot from this application. For instance the app improves at home & in store brand experiences by offering engaging and deeper content regarding the products they are interested in. Consumers can look through pricing, reviews; buy product in-application, etc.


Augmented Reality is a technology that offers customers a multi-dimensional method of researching & interacting with products prior to investing in a product. As a business owner, ecommerce store owner, you must consider the development of AR apps for Android as you hire iOS app developers & Android app developers. With the integration of such technology, not only you can attract more customers but they will engage more with your brand. There will be more trust that will lead to loyalty. Hire mobile app Developer Company today, for starting the fantastic revenue flow for your business. Connect with us to know more.


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