6 Expenses That You Can Finance With Loan Against Property


You may face several situations in life when you will need more money than your saved amount. Or you may not want to disturb the savings and still cover the extra expenses. This is where a loan against property will come handy to you. As you have spent years building the house of your dreams, why not utilize it at the time of need. The best part about loan against property is that there is no restriction on end usage. That means you can use the money in a way that you want without being answerable to anyone. You just need to pay regular EMIs to the lender.

Here we have collected six such major expenses where you can apply for a loan against property and enjoy the benefits of received money.

  1. Child Education

Education has become extremely expensive. Plus, you cannot stop your child’s development because of a lack of money. So the best option here is to opt for a loan against property. You can take the amount of the total fee at once, and then repay in easy instalments. This way, you will not burden yourself with anything while arranging for your child’s education funds.

Child Wedding

After their education, your child’s wedding is probably the last thing you will need to fund for them. In order to fulfil all the requirements without any hassle, you can apply for a PNB housing loan against property. It will enable you to host the best possible wedding with much less stress about money.

Down Payment For New House

In case you need to buy a new house and do not have funds for its down payment, your existing property can help you out. You can go for a loan against property. Even if you are planning to sell the old property, you can do it with ease once the new house requirements get fulfilled with the loan.

Medical Emergency

Medical emergencies suddenly hit your life, as well as your funds. And just like education, getting quality medical facilities can prove heavy on your pocket. When you would already be dealing with the stress of hospitals, you do not need to divert your mind in arranging funds. A convenient option here is to get a loan against your property. You can use the funds for treatment and then repay it in easy installments.

Business Purpose

This is one of the most common reasons why people opt for loans against properties. Your business needs funds every now and then, especially when you are planning to expand it. A beneficial option here is to use your property for the required amount. The loan against property interest rate is highly favorable. That is why this serves as the best available alternative.

Foreign Vacation

You must have a few foreign locations in mind where you want to visit at least once during your lifetime. If you keep on delaying the vacation due to a lack of money, you may never plan it. You can use your property to fulfil your dream and then repay the amount in easy EMIs.


Though you need money for everything, there are some situations where you need a lot of it. You can use your property for raising funds and then pay it back at your convenience. Plus, the loan against property interest rates is favorable. So you will not have much trouble with it.


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