5 Trending Custom Phone Popsocket Designs


Today phones have evolved and with them all the functions that they offer. With the advanced of technologies, you can do everything on your new smartphones like using your social networks, take selfies, listening to your favorite playlist, send and receive emails, and many other options, however, all these amazing development and the necessity for bigger screens has made that phones become bigger every time.

It is undeniable that the arrival of selfies made emerge many other side markets because of the importance that they have nowadays in social networks. The necessity of taking selfies with a huge SmartPhone in a comfortable way, lead inventors to produce what we call the phone popsocket. You can put this device on the back face of your smartphone to get a better grip while holding it, avoiding fallings that could lead to serious problems with your terminal. The popsocket has become popular among smartphone users because some of them have also many other features that could help you to do other things, they are known as custom phone popsocket.

What is remarkable about this kind of popsocket is that they only do not look amazing because they can have any design that you want, if not really great features.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 custom phone popsocket designs that you can choose.

Top 5 Custom phone popsocket for everyone

With the popsocket becoming more and more popular it also began the rise of many designs, features, and styles, this brought as a consequence that you can find many amazing custom phone popsockets in the market.

1. The popsockets with popgrip and swappable designs

You can think that this is the regular popsocket that everyone knows but it is a great choice if you want to change the design of the popsocket many times.

It is based on the popsocket that everyone knows with a plastic base with adhesive to stick it to the back of the phone and the accordion-like style system to change the length of it.

However, these popsockets come with many discs with many kinds of designs that you can change anytime to make your phone look unique any day.

These swappable discs come in many shapes, colors, patterns and you could also print over them your favorite pictures or designs to make it look amazing. You can always change these discs in the popsocket slot anytime.

As you can see, it is a great option for those who do not like to stay a long time with the same popsocket design because you can swap it without retiring the adhesive part from your smartphone. This way you will have all the comfort while holding your phone and amazing new designs whenever you want.

2. The ring popsocket

Although it is not a popsocket and does not count with the accordion-like mechanism, it is similar because it counts with the sticky part to put in the back smartphone, this is why many people call them the ring popsocket.

These devices count with a metal ring that will help you to grip the phone appropriately, for this you only need to put your finger inside of it. It is comfortable because you only need one finger to hold it instead of two like the traditional popsocket, many users have a preference for these because they are really easy to use.

There are many ring popsockets that you can use, you can find them in many colors, materials, textures, and various designs to get the perfect one, which adapts to your style.

Many people love this custom phone popsocket because they also count on a magnetic plate that will allow you to put your smartphone in any magnetic car mount to drive with your hands-free.

3. Pop culture popsockets

There are many designs that you can use to make your smartphone look unique and amazing. Pop culture will give you all the choices that you love, like marvel superheroes, Disney characters, anime and manga personalities, and more.

They are also great to start conversations with people who also loved these characters and to know many people in the same fandom that you are.

However, some people also love to have their favorite artists in their custom phone popsocket.

Dare to use the one that most adapts to what you like and gets ready to attract sights.

4. Popsockets as advertising for a company

Many companies are using their logos in custom phone popsockets to promote their brand and make that their employees feel welcome and a part of the company.

They are also a great option as custom corporate gifts for your customers. Your logo will look amazing in their brand new popsockets and they will be impressed, having great relationships with your customer will make your business grow because they will give you more work to do for them.

5. Popsockets with backspin

One of the most amazing custom phone popsocket is those that have an antistress feature, with no doubt these devices have a lot of potential for this kind of uses.

Some popsockets come with some extensions similar to the fidget spinners so people who Loved these kinds of toys would love to get one of these.

This kind of popsocket comes with a disc made of metal or aluminum that can spin without the hitch. This makes it durable in time and is specially made for people who do not know what to do with their fingers and would like to see the mesmerizing illusions that you can find while you are making use of them.

These models come in many colors, and forms, so you could find the perfect one for you and enjoy the different speeds that you can make them rotate.

As you could read, getting a custom phone popsocket is a great option if you want to hold your smartphone in your hands always. They are affordable and you can customize them to look exactly like your personality.


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