19 Top Travel Destinations to Visit in Australia

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Australia is the only big stand-alone continent, and since its discovery by Cook, the Australian culture has developed and evolved very much. Home to some of the most beautiful and safe cities, Australia also has the world’s largest natural coral reef system, the Great Barrier Reef.

Sandstone mountains, monoliths, naturally evolved gorges, and waterfalls are just admirable. We still don’t know how humans crossed these big and humongous oceans to reach Australia thousands of years ago. But we can see their cave paintings to understand their lifestyle.

Many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks are located in Australia. Kangaroos and Koalas are most loved here, and you can also love them at Alice Springs and Brisbane. So are you fed up with the comforts of your life and want to enjoy the raw beauty of nature?

Visit Australia, do some hiking and camping. Enjoy the night not in the five-star hotel but under the sky, with millions of stars. Numerous adventurous and aesthetic places are there in the whole of Australia, but here are the 19 top travel destinations to visit in Australia: – 

1- The Pinnacles

Pinnacles came to light in 1967 because the area in which it was located was kept as a reserve. The Pinnacles have natural limestone structures of height, ranging from 3.5 meters to 1.5 meters, resulting from millions of years-long erosion activity due to winds.

The Pinnacles are the best place to visit if someone wants to be close to nature and appreciate its aesthetic beauty. Most of the tourists visit it from August to October because, at that time, some rare plants also begin to bloom in the area.

The Pinnacles come under the Nambung National Park, due to this reason, no accommodation is near it, but can easily be found in the nearest city of Cervantes.

2- Canberra

Canberra is Australia’s capital city and Australia’s largest inland city. Established in 1913, it is a fully planned city, having every amenity required for a modern man. There are many beautiful and memorable places in Canberra, like the National art gallery, which contains many beautiful and time stamping arts.

The national museum here is famous for its architecturally daring buildings. When someone sees them, his belief in gravity is shaken. The lovers of rugby and cricket are also most welcomed here. Canberra has everything from the zoo, prominent educational institutions, aquariums to the war memorial old parliament building, which can quench the thirst of visitors.

3- Alice Springs

Alice Springs is just at the mid point from Darwin to Adelaide. Alice Springs is the gateway to Australia’s inland desert region. World War popularized it. There are various things that tourists can do in Alice Springs.

At Alice Springs, there are aboriginal artworks, which are a part of history, and seeing them can take you back to the time when they were indelibly stamped on the walls. Your visit to Australia is incomplete without seeing Kangaroos; when you visit Alice Springs, you also get the opportunity to visit Kangaroos Sanctuary nearby.

Festivals are also very common here, like the camel up and parrtjima festivals, where people forget their daily lives and escape their insecurities. Overall, Alice spring is a pack of all adventures.

4- Gold Coast

In Queensland, Australia, Gold Coast is famous for its high-rise skyline and skyscrapers, surfing beaches, theme parks, and beautiful and adventurous nightlife. Besides all this urban and modern fun, one can also enjoy the beauty of nature.

To touch the blue Pacific is one of the best activities that one can do on the Gold Coast. Nearby, Springbrook, Lamington, and Tamborine National Park are also UNESCO World Heritage sites. It is also the dream of many tourists to play golf at a place having beautiful green lawns, which can also be fulfilled here.

5- Darwin

Darwin is one of the best tropical cities in the whole of Australia to visit in any season. Darwin is famous for its extremely diverse population, which come from all over the world to reside here. Darwin has natural sites and the glory of urban and modern cultural heritages as well.

The Mindil beach is the hotspot for all the tourists. The sunset here is so mesmerizing that one thinks of living here for their whole life. Crocosaurus Cove is a beautifully designed aquarium-type place where tourists can find many different aquatic lifestyles. Stokes hill is also a must visit. The list is endless. It can be assured that one will never forget his visit to Darwin.

6- Karijini National Park

The whole geography book is written in the core of Karijini National Park. The cool and exquisite beauty of aesthetic gorges and swimming holes here fill the tourists with charm. Many gorges are here, which exponentially increases the beauty of the area.

Some popular gorges are Hancock Gorge, Hamersley Gorge, and Weano Gorge. Along with these gorges: pools, ferns, and flora and fauna of Karijini National Park are also found. No worries here about accommodation as well. There are many eco retreats where spending a night under the millions of stars will be a memorable accomplishment.

7- Jindabyne

Jindabyne is the best honeymoon destination in the whole of Australia for couples. Jindabyne is a small town with a population of just 2500. So, tourists who want less and more nature are most welcome here at Jindabyne.

There are many adventurous activities that one can do here, for example, snowballing, snowboarding, skiing, etc. Small, lush greeneries make one feel like a green screen is stamped on the snow Jindabyne accommodation is also like no other.

Many beautiful hotels, restaurants, and resorts are located on the shore of Lake Jindabyne. So a tourist will never feel himself away from nature.

8- Byron Bay

All the coastal towns of Australia are unique in their own terms, but none is like the town of Byron Bay. The community here is very vibrant, and people from all over the world come here to visit some of the most adventurous and beautiful places in the world.

Byron Bay is proud to be the easternmost point of Australia, and it also has many cultural heritage and rich and diverse varieties of flora and fauna. Cape Byron Lighthouse is also located here, with over a hundred years of history.

Wategos and Belongil beach are also the main hotspot locations for tourists. Overall, the beaches and lighthouse life here are awesome and mind relaxing.

9- Daintree Rainforest

Daintree Rainforest is the largest continuous area of tropical rainforest in the Australian continent. It is located in the northeast of Australia and stretches to 1200 km. With such a humongous area, some of the most precious and rare flora and fauna are found here.

Daintree Rainforest is one of the biggest natural heritage sites of our planet Earth. The attractions here are plentiful. Like the Daintree River, which flows in the middle of the rainforest.

The Daintree Rainforest discovery center carries the overall legacy of the whole area. Every nature lover is recommended to visit here. For hikers and trailers, Mount Sorrow fulfills the demands. 

10- Fraser Island

Fraser Island is located in the southeastern area of Australia, in Queensland. Fraser Island is a world heritage site, and due to this accomplishment, many tourists visit it every year. It is always on top, in the ‘Places to visit in Australia’ list.

Fraser Island is famous for its unique landscape of sand dunes. At one time, you will feel that you are in the middle of a desert, but when you see the ocean, you will feel near a beach. So this conundrum of Fraser Island is also loved by many tourists.

There are multiple lakes and beaches, which suffice the need of many tan lovers. Fraser Island is also a part of the rainforest area where many different types of animals and plants are found. For nature and sunset lovers, Fraser Island is a must-go.

11- Broome

Located in the Kimberly region of Australia, Broome is famous for its aesthetic beach resorts. Many popular tourist attractions are located here in its core. The sun pictures is an outdoor cinema, very popular among the visitors, who want to enjoy the movie and nature at the same time.

Cable beach has a long sandy shoreline with exquisite hotels and resorts. The sunset here is also very beautiful and feels like the sun is setting into the Indian Ocean. Without knowing any history of the place you are visiting, the visit is incomplete. That’s why one must pay a visit here at Broome’s Historical Museum.

12- Sydney

Sydney is one of the most popular and visited place in Australia. There are many beautiful tourist attractions like none other than the opera house, which is currently undergoing a ten-year upgrade but is still open for the tourists.

The Harbour bridge is also a place crowded all the time by tourists. It is the largest steel arch bridge in the whole world. Want to know the history of Sydney? Visit The Rocks. Here one can know the history of Sydney from the very inception of the aboriginals of this area.

The cricket ground of Sydney has also stamped many records and most beautiful cricket events. Cruising is also a task not to forget in Sydney. The beautiful skyscrapers and skyline of Sydney are visible from the cruise.

13- Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park derives its name from the very famous and beautiful red domes of Kata Tjuta and the sandstone monoliths of Uluru. This national park is located in the Central Australian Desert. Alice Springs is only 450 kilometers away from it.

Being a national park, different types of flora and fauna are found here. Uluru-Kata Tjuta national park is also a world heritage site. Walpa Gorge is located near it, whose beauty gets indelibly stamped in the heart. Kuniya Walks are also very famous. Tourists get the enjoyment of the purest form of nature here. 

14- Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest coral reef system in the world. It stretches over a huge area of 350,000 square kilometers. The great barrier reef constitutes as many as 900 Islands. Located on the shores of Queensland, this coral reef system was classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1981.

Any tourist who loves nature will surely visit here. The major tourist attractions here are scuba diving, in which one can feel the natural corals and even touch them. This makes him closer to nature. Surfing at Whitehaven beach is very adventurous. The helicopter ride shows all the beauty in one frame.

15- Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is one of the biggest National Parks in the whole of Australia, and it is one of the largest tropical national parks in the world as well. Kakadu National Park is known for its rich and diverse biodiversity.

Nearly all wetland’s geographical features are available here. Sandstone mountains make miles-long shadows. Rivers and small Brooks provide the best place to meditate. Due to all these features, it is also recognized as a world heritage site.

Flora of nearly 2000 different species is found here, and wildlife is also abundant here. For example, saltwater crocodiles are found only here. Jim Jim and other waterfalls are cherry on top. Aboriginal paintings in Ubirr impress everyone.

16- Melbourne

Melbourne is the capital of the Australian province Victoria. It constitutes many cultural and natural heritages, due to which it is always a top choice for tourists. It is no surprise that Melbourne is among the safest cities in the whole world.

The National Gallery of Victoria shows the historical heritage of the city. Melbourne is full of skyscrapers, and seeing it from the Melbourne Skydeck gives a very different feeling which cannot be expressed in words.

Melbourne is also the city where Trams are still functional, so it is better to utilize them to see the whole city. Melbourne Cricket Ground is also the birthplace of official cricket.

17- Whitsunday Islands

Whitsunday Islands are a group of islands sandwiched between the northern region of Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. An ample amount of marine and aquatic life is found here. In this group of islands, most of the islands are uninhabited.

The main characteristics of Whitsunday Island are that it has densely populated rainforests and unique flora fauna heritage. There are many things that tourists can do like cruising, jet skiing, surfing, scuba diving, hiking trails, helicopter rides, and many more.

Hamilton Island, Hayman Island, Daydream Island, Long Island, and Hope Island are also near, so there are numerous attractions.

18- Tasmania

Tasmania, the island state of Australia, has its capital at Hobart. It constitutes more than a thousand islands. Cradle Mountain and Lake St. Clair National Park are also located in the heart of Tasmania, famous for their hiking and camping activities.

It is also to be noted that Australia’s deepest lake is Lake St. Clair. Mount Field National Park in Tasmania has many waterfalls, and Russell waterfall is one of the jewels among them with great beauty and astounding views. Bruny Islands take the tourists into the heavens and relieves them from earthly tensions. Only in Tasmania can one find the oldest trees in the world. 

19- Brisbane

Situated on the bank of the Brisbane River, Brisbane is the capital of Queensland province of Australia. Brisbane is also going to host the 2032 Olympics. Carrying the 200 years old legacy, Brisbane is still on the path to glory.

There are many beautiful attractions for tourists in Brisbane, like the lone pine Koala sanctuary, where one can fulfill his dream of cuddling with a Koala. The cultural center at the State Library of Queensland in Brisbane is also an architecturally and historically important place.

River cruising is also recommended at Brisbane to see the skyscrapers from the cruise and enjoy the wines. Brisbane botanical gardens have the largest and most diverse Australian rainforest trees. So overall, Brisbane is a must-go.

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