World’s Best Black Tea



It is a fact that every person living on the earth is aware of the black tea, so the question arises, not a question but that exciting level of knowing where black tea is originated! India, a country from South Asia is known best for BLACK TEA. Even though china produces most of the tea counting from GLOBAL PRODUCTION. India has best black tea which is popularly known with many names by the residents of the country, some of them are Assam tea and influenced by India nearby countries like Sri Lanka even have a special perspective towards Ceylon tea(black tea)and known as one of the finest countries for tea exports including with china and Kenya, etc. As China is the world’s best tea producer it also has a special name for so-called black tea which describes a province in China called Yunnan which purely describes the pu-er-tre (purity).

India not just being the world’s best black tea producer and produces about 1.33 billion with more areas under tea cultivations to date. One of the best reasons to satisfy that India has the best black tea is knowing that officially India contributes 44% of the world’s black tea with the right delicate flavors and secondly the perfect climate for adequate growth of tea with proper labor at needed times.

According to world’s estimation, black tea production had been started in the early 1830s and soon became India’s black tea. Not only the climate but in India growing and setting tea estates would not be the whole purpose on beings world’s number one but its main reason would be the workers who own their work and nearly 15 states in India produce black tea with 14,000 tea estates all over. Among them, India also has a TEA BOARD INDIA which is also crucially important for tracking and developing many ways to improve the quality of Indian tea.

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me”-C.S LEWIS. So, black tea being peoples favorite past time drink in most of the places on earth, unknowingly have many benefits like tea is an antioxidant and reduces the risk of cancer, improves focus and concentration also helps in metabolism and observed that drinking black tea before your meals may also help in weight loss and so as every coin has two sides even consumption of black tea at a very high rate have disadvantages too like drinking tea at a high point may increase urination and fastens your breathing and causes restlessness and many of them face difficulty in sleeping this all happens due to caffeine present in tea also taking tea early in the morning with empty stomach may cause acidity.

Difference Is more than just a color, yes I am talking about the famous green tea and black tea, more than a fact there is a myth, maybe all over the world about these two flavors of tea that the difference is just a color but it’s not, there is a difference in preparation and oxidation which give them unique flavor profiles. And moving to the other most interesting part about black tea is that every year May 21st is celebrated as an international tea day recognizing and giving a lot of importance and specifications to the tea. And as talking about India there are a lot of places as mentioned before for tea cultivation namely are Assam, hills of Darjeeling, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Karnataka and can say there is no full stop and there is an extreme increase in tea cultivation in India .yet another funny part about tea lovers in India is that this country is also known for most tea consumed from all over. so this brings the next part about exports of black tea that even after producing a large amount of tea, India is still not the top one of exporting their tea and in this nearby country like Sri Lanka, Kenya and China ranks top and exports lot more than people consumes and reason indirectly are the tea lovers in India, in an algebraic way 76% is produced in India and about 20%is consumed within its borders but according to surveys done exports still seem to be increased in past years and black tea is still known as India’s black tea.



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