WitBlox 2.0 is Making a Buzz in The World of Robotics Education

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The world values expertise and yet it still remains a challenge to educate young minds about the recent cutting-edge technologies. WitBlox is an ed-tech startup which has made it its mission to encourage students, with a technical bent of mind, to learn about Robots. Based in Mumbai, Witblox was founded by IIT Bombay Alumni and has recently raised funding of around 1.3 Cr from Mumbai Angels and Neotec Hub, an Ambuja Neotia Initiative. The start-up has come up with an interactive educational app, WitBlox 2.0, that is very similar to the TikTok platform. But instead of mindless entertainment videos, this app focuses on engaging interested students with video tutorials on how to build robots, drones and DIY tech-based projects.

The amazing features of the Witblox 2.0 app has attracted the attention of young students who are  interested in the world of Robots. Buying the materials and components required to build DIY projects from the market is often the main obstacle for young creators and their parents. The current COVID pandemic has only made it more difficult to acquire these items. To fix this issue and allow its users to continue designing hardware and software components, this app includes a shop option. By making agreements with various e- commerce platforms for ordering parts and tinkering materials, Witblox 2.0 allows users to buy the necessary components required for completing each assignment. These WitBlox Kits are the top-ranked Robotics Kit on Amazon India. The STEM toy market in India was reportedly valued at $500 million as of 2020. 

The interactive app has simplified Electronics by creating modular WitBlox Kits in a way that even 10-year-old children can learn and build Robots and electronic circuits. Budding scientists and young creative minds from all over India can use the WitBlox App to play around with Robots, Drones, and order the necessary components to build them. Speaking about this initiative, the Founder and CEO of WitBlox, Mr. Amit Modi claimed that more than 20 thousand people regularly use WitBlox Kits and materials to build cool DIY Robots and other interesting projects. Mr. Amit Modi felt the need for a platform where Makers could take up technical challenges and upskill themselves while being rewarded for their efforts. And thus, the idea of WitBlox was born!

Many users have gushed over the app’s innovative solutions and consider it is an excellent platform for teaching youngsters new technologies.  Even seasoned engineers admit that using the app is extremely enjoyable. Users get to showcase their inventions, learn from each other’s work, and stay connected. Engaging comic stories allow kids to learn faster while having fun! With the tinkering fever taking the world by storm, The Government of India has also started promoting Tinkering in a big way by creating the Atal Tinkering Labs (ATL) in schools. More than 5000 schools have invested in ATL to support the large community of Makers and innovative Tinkerers. 

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