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`Startup business’ is a term synonymous to change. The realm where drastic vivacious change occur in a supersonic pace. For example a startup idea is just like a newborn baby in a business community, but it can be transformed into an old man with wrinkled face and white beard within the timespan of this article reach in your hands. Thus in a nutshell the business is change and change is business. So to be in the mainstream or in the apex is the herculean task offered by business on a businessman. A startup idea, its proposal, its establishment are the key features that make it ravishing. If this idea has potential to satisfy an immediate need of a large mass then it will be an epic or a fascinating heading to the next business magazine.  This is not something original, it is the same strategy used by many business cyclones in the world.                                  

your obligation as an entrepreneur is to build

a great product that will continue to make end

user happy and satisfied


Thus one thing is obvious shifting the consumer to a safe zone is the need of the hour. Which is done by many business magnets including KIRAN MAZUMDAR  SHAW (founder of BIOCOM),SARA BLAKELY,RICHA KAR(owner of ZIVAMI),SUNDAR PICHAI(GOOGLE CEO). Even though it look unprecedented for some actually it’s a relic idea which has the potential to cure the business apatite.

                                                     What will be the need of a society, on one hand facing detrimental unemployment and on other hand cladding to massive work pressure? Undoubtedly the last word would be the distribution of man power! Thus introducing manpower distribution (MAPD).This is completely  an online platform where users can login at a free of cost and should provide some of the basic details like educational qualification ,list of jobs the person is able to do , location ect; .In an instance a person who need employees can search here and can get them. The marvelous quality of MAPD is that, it’s an association of large mass of employees and employers from different strata of society including famers, carpenters, trainers, tutors, photographers etc .


MAPD or manpower distribution is an online platform where the users are free to login to fetch both jobs and employees .simply this is a data base where a person can search here for employee  as well as for job opportunities .Anyone who want to be a part of working class can enroll. It is  a union of workers from different strata like people from agriculture sector ,IT platform ,fitness etc . the users who search here for employees can grab the result with /without filtered by location .This provide the chance for both work at home as well as  office works .There are opportunities to rate  the workers thus ensure the quality of the service . people is able to work on a full time basis as well as part time basis  .This help both the students and working class to devote their time fruitfully  thus it can boost up the economy thereby mitigate the financial crisis. MAPD would provide training to those workers twice in a year .This would trigger the soft skills and working capacity of employees. The experience certificate provided by MAPD helps to get better jobs ,salary hikes, promotion etc .At the end of the day this is an aid for the betterment of the economic sector ,financial stability and even the living standard also.It underlines every piece of knowledge is valuable .

  • Why MAPD in present scenario?

After the era of pandemic, we completely shifted to a digital world for the sake of convenience. In olden days digital culture was just the symbol of modernization but now it became the part of our day to day life activities .MAPD  is completely a digital platform which possess many advantages including minimizing the cost of production ,infrastructure, it is more organized, anytime accessibility ,colossal data collection , better and best consumer experience. All these things eventually leads to ascent in profit. Thus staying in the digital world is tranquil and lucrative.

                                           Mushrooming in globalization ,battles among colleges ,extended and prolonged office hours ,unexecuted  targets  ,harassments pawed the way for amplified stress level among workers .According to HANS SELYE this stress can be categorized into `eustress’ and `distress ‘, but most probably here it would be distress .It has potential to create physical problems such as cardiovascular problems , musculoskeletal problems insomnia etc as well as psychological problems including anxiety disorder ,panic attacks ,depression, mood swings etc. Distribution of man power is ideal among these circumstances.

                                              Whatever be the type of unemployment cyclical, structural, functional it has detrimental effects on society. Large population, lack of soft skills technological growth etc can be its reason .here the introduction of MAPD is able to cure this catastrophe to a large extent.

  • Seeking employees

This is the space for employers who are in search of skilled labors contact labors or permanent one. For example there will be an emergency need of manpower which is common during massive work pressure, incomplete targets, and short deadlines. Even though it is for a short span of time it is still in air. Seeking the assistance of tutors and trainers for educational purposes, fitness purposes etc can be satisfied without any challenges. This aid the employer to gain best service within short span of time. The same can utilized for young entrepreneur to get assistance to fetch raw materials, to find employees and there by nourishing other businesses also. MAPD would be a perfect helper in a new town for getting workers with quality service from an unknown environment.

  • Seeking employers

MAPD is providing enormous opportunities to both students as well as working class purely based on their merits. People could use their excellence to excel in various fields. The job schedule would be strictly according to their own availability of time and it’s their discretion. It’s very useful for those searching for experience.

  • Wages will be more generalized, the same privilege would be awarded to both men and women
  • Greatest platform for providing experience thus shoot up the soft skills among new generation
  • Stabilizes the financial sector and thereby leads to the amelioration in economic sector
  • Assent in working population thus valuable utilization of manpower
  • Decreases the unemployment and underemployment

In this most modern era of social businesses which aim betterment of society through innovative ideas and systematic changes irrespective of profit. Since it aim the whole round development of the society it could be considered as a social business or can claim a small profit from those services. Even though it possess tremendous positives the credibility of certificate or education qualification provided by the candidate should be verified by the employer authority, the quality of service in early stages is a matter of negotiation. These are the threats or drawbacks highlighted during the keen observation. Rectifying these problems would emerge s strong business strategy which is pregnant with many positives. Deceleration in unemployment would leads to economic safety causes better living standard it would accelerate the accessibility of nutritious food and better health care. This create a healthy new generation with more man power and prosperous society.

A business would reach its complete potential when it make changes in a society. Thus concluding business is change and change is business.



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