U Me Aur Goat

By Sidhartha Mishra

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Rakesh and Neha married each other after two years of courtship. They had met each other at Bandra in a cinema hall while watching Karan Johar’s movie. It is true that Karan Johar has made many hit pairs in movies. But this time he was indirectly involved in making a real life pair through his movie!
Both had many differences amongst them. One of the most prominent being that Rakesh was purely a vegetarian while Neha was a meat eater!
They however made many a sacrifices to be together. Neha promised to leave eating meat completely after marriage!
Things were going well till one day Rakesh spotted Neha eating meat with her friend Reena at a popular restaurant in the city. Naturally Rakesh was shocked.
He confronted Neha at home later in the evening that day and showed her the photographs he had taken of her eating the meat. Neha had to admit eating meat.She told that it was becoming difficult for her to resist her craving for non veg for which she took this step!
Rakesh thought about this matter and decided to give Neha one more chance. He made it clear that Neha must never touch meat henceforth if she wants their marriage to last a lifetime.
Neha has agreed, but Rakesh knows in the depth of his heart that this was going to be very difficult for the former to give up meat completely!
The couple’s friends and relatives are however amused by this and are advising them not to base their relationship on such a silly point.
This story could very well become a topic for Karan Johar’s next movie which could be titled  – ‘U Me Aur Goat’!!

   By Sidhartha Mishra 

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