Three Best Kixie Alternative that Outperforms as Competitors


By the time you will finish reading this blog, more than half a million support calls would have already taken place. It is to give a brief idea about how important call centers have become today in providing customer support for the business they serve. A business is nothing without its clientele, and call centers are primarily the stepping stone to achieve that. The better your customer support is, the more your customer base will come. Hence, it has become an utmost practice to have call centers for even small and medium businesses. Call centers run on reliable business phone systems paired with a call center calling software. 

Kixie has been a verified name as a call center software for an ultimate voice and SMS platform for all the outbound call centers. Its AI-powered dialer brings more meaningful and potential contacts from the call list. However, VoIP cloud-based calling systems have limited infrastructure and can only serve a certain capacity. Therefore, our blog here suggests three best Kixie alternatives which your business can choose from now for its call center to avail the best results. However, before going into the other three competitors, we are going to have a look at all the advantages a VoIP cloud-based business phone system offers.

Advantages of VoIP Cloud-Based Business Phone Set-Up 

  • Cloud-Based business phones using VoIP unites the communications system 
  • Using a cloud-based business phone setup improves customer experience 
  • More affordable 
  • Easier to setup
  • Availability to all the call functions 
  • Improved mobility for work from home connections
  • Usually more reliable and robust with performance
  • Almost negligible maintenance 

So for the ones who are still sticking with their phone operators can consider switching to a cloud-based VoIP business phone system. CallHippo, in that case, lies to be a great option available with the ones interesting in making the switch. Its easy teleportation from existing phone dial-up connections makes it a great feature for everyone willing to have a VoIP business phone setup.


Based out of Neward, Delaware, CallHippo offers some of the best in class features for the businesses operating their call centers with this service provider. It offers both virtual numbers and call center software to small, medium, and large business setups around the world. The service provider can provide business numbers with extensions for over 50+ countries worldwide. 

Features Included

CallHippo packs almost all the essential features a VoIP cloud-based business phone system should. Additional features like call recording that comes bundled for the bronze users opens up the possibility of having a strong training team for the improvement of all the call center agents. Their bronze extension even has the SMS option for both inbound and outbound purposes. Moreover, it only takes precisely three minutes to set up a VoIP cloud-based business phone system with CallHippo. 


CallHippo’s business plans are widely distributed into four packages, and they are bronze, silver, platinum, and enterprise respectively. Where most of the packages house all the call features, leaving out on the team and some other integration options. 

Room for Improvement 

CallHippo has almost nothing to be complained about. Yet, with a more improved iOS mobile app, CallHippo will stand as the best Kixie alternative.


Ranking second in the list of the best alternative to Kixie is CloudTalk. Recognized as one of the best call center management system, CloudTalk has to be a business’s steal deal. Streamlined communications are one thing that CloudTalk contact centers never have any complaint about. Also, with an enhanced call management system for both inbound/outbound calls, CloudTalk has miles to cover with their VoIP cloud-based business phone setup. 

Features Included 

Automated call distribution, instantaneous call recording, improved IVR assistance are some of the key features that come included with CloudTalk. Utilities like wallboard can be used to access real-time visibility across all call center agents and their activities. 


Pricing for this remarkable call center software starts at 22$ for a single user per month. The service provider has three different plans to offer, and that includes the starter, essential, and expert service plans respectively. The most expensive one being the Expert plan standing at $50 for a user per month. 

Room for Improvement 

Using any products especially call center software like CloudTalk might lead users to encounter inconveniences like improper communication or in some cases restarting of the system.


For a sales team working on Kixie, or be it a customer support team, Aircall will come as a very useful call center software. The software allows businesses to have phone numbers in over thirty plus countries. Configuring Aircall’s initial setup even gets done in a few minutes. Cross-platform support makes it extremely convenient to work remotely with this service provider. 

Features Included 

Features like shared call inbox, call queuing/forwarding, call recording, IVR comes with Aircall. The software also has the option of integration with CRM systems, or be it any other collaboration tools in that case. 


The call center software from Aircall comes for a free trial for call centers o first use and gather the experience. Aircall packages start with Essentials tagged at $30 for a user per month. Call centers can even go with the $50 for a user per month Professional plan, or can even contact Aircall to get a custom plan for their call center. 

Room for Improvement 

Aircall has to work on improving its after-sales service.

Those were the three best Kixie alternative call center software that call centers can go with.


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