Teaching English In China – Shanghai Vs Beijing

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China is one of the world’s most diverse nations, with individuals from all nationalities. There are many reasons why people visit China. Whether it is for jobs, education, or touring the beautiful landmarks of China, there is one thing that stands out for sure – the demand for teaching English in China is still on the rise.

Even though China sets up the best opportunities for teachers willing to teach English, this article breaks it down to China’s major cities. Shanghai and Beijing. The overall requirements for teaching English in China are the same, but these two cities have made significant steps towards embracing teaching jobs in China.

The reality is, both these cities offer a great deal, and it narrows down to what an individual prefers. Either way, a teaching job in China is 90% of the time a rewarding experience.

Teach English in Shanghai

There is plenty to explore in Shanghai, and teaching English in Shanghaiis among the top reasons. Shanghai is oneof China’s fastest-growing cities, which means the opportunities to teach English are endless. Also known as the city on the sea, Shanghai offers phenomenon scenes as it is located at the Yangtze River entrance.

Shanghai’s cuisine has attracted a good number of teachers in China. It sources its inspiration from homestyle cooking. This means plenty of fresh ingredients and original flavours complementedwith a spike of sweet and salty, oily but not fatty foods.

The weather in Shanghai is mostly humid. Winters tend to be cold, while the summers are tropical.

Here are a few benefits for teaching English in Shanghai;

  1. Great salary package. English teachers in Shanghai get paid well compared to other cities. This is a benefit that many English teachers have taken advantage of as money has always been a driving factor to search for greener pastures.
  • There is an excellent mix of modernity,which makes the experience to teach English in Shanghai more thrilling.While fishing is one of the histories in Shanghai, the day and night tours on the rivers, merged with Shanghai’s modernity,make it worth it working in Shanghai.Furthermore, attractions such as the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum make learning while teaching the best experience.
  • Shanghai plays home toa huge job market for English teachers.When looking for a teaching job in China, Shanghai always has a position to offer. Residents of this beautiful city like to ensure that their kids get the best education, and learning Englishtops the list.
  • Diversity. With the changing trends in culture, you’ll want to work somewhere that appreciates different cultures. Landing an English teacher role in Shanghai means joining millions of other cultures. This advantage allows you to learn, respect, and have the highest level of self-awareness towards other people’s cultures.

Teaching English In Beijing.

Beijing is located in northern China and is one of the most exciting cities to visit and stay. Beijing offers a series of captivating histories while meeting the demands of the modern world and technology. The cuisine in Beijing is nothing less than mouth-watering, with local and international restaurants competing to offer the best meals. Who would want to miss that?

Beijing sees a semi-humid climate with hot and rainy summers anddry winters. Spring and Autumn are relatively short in Beijing.

As of 2021, Beijing offers the best teaching jobs in China, and this is evident as most qualified English teachers prefer Beijing as a destination. Teaching English in Beijing has some advantages that make it worthwhile. Even though great paychecks are always an enticing factor, Beijing is known to havethe most prestigious schools in China, and who doesn’t want to teach in a prestigious school?

Other benefits include;

  1. Even though the standard of living is high in Beijing, foreign English teachers enjoy a good status and great perks in China’s society. This allows them to meet the high standards very quickly, and for this reason, teaching English in Beijing is always a great opportunity. Feeling appreciated in a foreign land indeed brings a feeling of trust and safety.
  • A mixture of history and modernity makes teaching in Beijing a mind-blowing experience. You can immerse yourself in the local traditions and enjoy the history, culture, and beautiful art.
  • An abundance of beautiful attractions. Imagine a day you left work so tired, and you wanted to do something for yourself. Beijing allows you to engage yourself inelegant sceneries and captivating attractions that help you recover from a busy day of teaching. The Great Wall is an example of a must-see attraction.
  • There is a large ex-pat and international community in Beijing. Sometimes all you need to feel safe as a foreigner is seeing another foreigner. Beijing has a huge international population, making it one of the best landing places for English teachers. They find it easy to relate with the already-in-place culture that they can associate with.

What are the Requirements and Eligibility Criteria for Teaching English in China?

This is where all the similarities come in. Even though there might be slight differences in wages, culture, history, and population, teaching English in Shanghai and Beijing has the exact requirements of teaching English like anywhere else in China.

To be able to teach English in either city;

  • You must have a valid working visa.

Regardless of your level of education, having a valid work visa is the primary requirement for teaching English in China. This document will give you the legality to enjoy your stay while you work.

  • You must be from one of the following countries.
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • The United States.

For some reason, China’s education systems decided that only citizens of the mentioned countries could teach English in China. Thisis evident as the criteria for teaching English in Beijing and Shanghai is narrowed further tonative English speakers only.

  • You must have a bachelor’s degree in any field.

You are not limited to a specific degree. You can teach English in China with any recognized degree. Even though any degree can be permitted, it is important to remember other requirements under this criteria. For example,

  • You must have an accredited TEFL certification. TEFL courses are affordable and usually easy to achieve.
  • You must register at least 120 hours in your learning, whetheronline or in a class setting.
  • You must have a clean criminal record.

China is not ready to welcome individuals with a criminal record, and that’s why you must undergo a criminal record check to qualify to teach English in Shanghai and Beijing.

  • You must be 18 years and above, but not beyond 60 years for men. The maximum age for women willing to apply for teaching jobs in China is 55 years.
  • You must pass the medical exam. China offers medical checks, and they expect your health conditions to check all their medical requirements before getting into China. English teachers are not an exemption.


Teaching English in Chinais always rewarding for teachers. It is crucial, though, to pay attention to any misleading information. Shanghai and Beijing are undoubtedly the best cities to land a teaching job in China as they offer the best opportunities. It is your responsibility to invest in resources that teach you more about these cities.

In general, use this article as a reference will help you weigh the advantages of teaching English in either of these cities and see what works best for you.

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