Smarter Ways to Read Using Kopykitab


Let’s know about the kopykitab. It has a great collection of books, which are useful for many competitive exams. This app has helped me in many ways to understand the concepts thoroughly. i would say that it has a great collection of books for NEET and JEE exam as well as CBSE exams. It has books of collection of previous year question paper as well. I am happy using this app as I will also get benefited as they are providing chapter wise questions so that i can improve in each section of chapter. I would also say that it has books of great writers as well. As a student it is difficult to carry those large books wherever I go so this app is useful as I have access for for online books. The great thing about this books is that once the books are downloaded it can used freely after that and there is no need of internet again and there are great offers for packages on preparation for competitive exams.

kopykitab has helped many aspirants to fulfill their  dreams an I would say its helping me a lot to understand the concepts. the great thing about this app is also that it builds the interest individual. for example,I had no interest in chemistry subject but, this app helped me to overcome this and now I am able to understand each and every concept thoroughly and I am happy with my progress. I would suggest this app to each and every one over their who needs study materials to fulfill their dreams. The way we the facilities provided to everyone  we can be successful. The information in this is checked and verified by great writers. this app is easily available in play store and everyone can easily download it. There are many ebooks where students can download and use this offline and use this whenever they want. there are many exemplar books to solve questions and answers are also given to check the answer and even the solution is also provided to understand it and to apply it in further questions.

I would recommend to every to use this app as it free also and once downloaded there is no need to access online ,it becomes offline. Not only study material it also has many videos where one can understand concept by watching it and as we tend to remember pictures rather than words it becomes easy. There are series of exam or test preparation options so that one can test their memory and knowledge about the concept they have learnt. One can  learn things in many ways but it’s important for us to understand by which app we will get benefits. Its just that you need to provide some basic information about yourself and then register online and then set password then login. The best way to succeed in life can be done by using the things we get in full way. There is nothing perfect in this world we just have to make it perfect  by using it in correct way. By using this app I have learnt that studying is easy its just that we have to choose the correct option for studying.

Writer: Sahana.S, Karnataka



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