Human Body: The Most Advanced Gadget


As we all know life has evolved a lot from the ancient period to this modern-era and there are drastic changes in this planet. We are living in the 21st century, the digital world and everyone must be using at least one of the gadgets or apps in their daily life as it became inevitable to lead life. For instance, some might wake up by an electronic alarm or by natural body signal as we are aware our body has the ability to learn habits. That’s why every individual on this planet has been using a gadget for decades.

First I was wondering what’s the gadget I use frequently. I thought a lot about a gadget that I use the most for betterment but I don’t use any app often other than when I have to use it. Meanwhile, I came to know the gadget that I have been using for 21 years i.e the moment I was a fetus in my mom’s womb. You might be puzzled about what gadget I might be talking about or some people by now might have understood the gadget I am going to talk about. Okay, the most sophisticated natural innovative gadget I use each day is the human body and it’s the survival of the fittest creature according to darwin’s theory. This body has many roles to play in the society like a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother, a grandmother. It has an unbelievable capacity to develop the personality and to live all the characters effectively.

With our body we can do innumerable things like we can make our family proud, we can improve other’s life by providing financial assistance, by directing people to follow the right path, innovating new devices to reduce the effort. I believe nothing is impossible when you work hard and have the willpower to achieve. The body is always flexible to adapt to changes that we want. To motivate ourselves to reach great heights we can have a glance of the incredible stories and amazing things done by Thomas Alva Edison, Swami Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Indira Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Abraham Lincoln and so on.

I come from a middle-class family and I have decided to work for a better life. In childhood, I was happily enjoying playing games and helping my family members in the tasks they do. I always have a thought to reduce the burden on my parents so I have started studying well to receive merit scholarships. To stay fit I workout, go on a walk to think whether I am going on the right path, what I want in life, what gives happiness and what is more valuable in life. To increase knowledge I read blogs, newspapers, and quora. I am always curious to listen to stories narrated by people because from their experience we can infer something, we can suggest them if they ask for our advice and afterward, I think about what’s the best they could have done in that situation. I would like to make the best use of my body and the precious time to achieve my goals and go ahead in my career and life.

I feel that I have spoken enough about myself and now I say few actions done by us that affect a lot. We know many people are starving on streets but still, we waste food on occasions, parties, increase weight by overeating, throw food in dustbins if we do not like the taste. I feel people are responsible for the current situation on earth i.e scarcity of water, air pollution has been increased, there’s no land for farming, heavy traffic on roads. A few crazy hobbies people have are spending money extravagantly, buying all branded and expensive items irrespective of their economic status, addicted to smoking, drinking, binge-watching and so on.

The body helps us to do good and bad things for us and others. We hurt others by abusing, deceiving, harassing and assaulting them. We don’t care if someone meets with an accident on the road because we are selfish and greedy.

According to me, everyone has their own way of leading life but the only aspect I would like to emphasize is not only every individual has to be dedicated and strive hard for improving their life but also don’t involve in the activities that cause harm to any creature on this planet, be empathetic and sympathetic towards your fellow mates and co-operate to tackle the existing hassles or circumstances created by us directly or indirectly.

Writer Bio Dendi Swathi Reddy, Hyderabad


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