Revival of Modern Day Japan

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On Watching TV, we have seen many historical events, facts and news, etc. Who has not seen them? ..Probably none. Many of them include drama, some tedious or serious talks, attacks, numerous agreements, pacts, people sacrificing their lives and then lastly freedom and sometimes wars for it. But have you heard the astounding awake of Modern Day Japan ?

What is special about Japan`s revival? Why should we know about it? These are the questions that may arise in your mind.

Talking about modern Japan, it is a great deal of struggle, determination and involvement of proper planning of the Japanese. The revival of Japan was outstanding and remarkable. Japanese bounced back and grabbed the global market, which made them popular around the globe. They believe in perfection and their products are most reliable and trusted. China and the USA make their products but actually use Japanese products in their country. Nissan, Sony

Firstly, during the ancient times, Japan was an isolated land like any other place with many feudal lords. After a while, citizens decided to end it by introducing a democratic government, banned the feudal system, built a strong market, made a common army for the country and many more.

After Japan defeated Russia in 1905, its colonial ambition grew. It started to send its armies to colonialize the whole world. Moreover, there was a lack of natural resources in Japan so it began spreading its territory. During that time, the USA was expanding its power. The biggest mistake_ attack at the Pearl Harbor in Japan. In return, the USA triggered atomic bombs twice, fat man and Little Boy, in Japan that caused a great loss of life in Japan in Aug, 1945.

Scenario In Japan(at that time)

The people that time were coughing, and their skin got burnt. The poisonous gas spread throughout. In the next 2-4 months, 90000-146000 in Hiroshima and 39000 to 80000 people in Nagasaki. Around half the population of Japan was destroyed. Japan surrendered and signed a treaty with USA, which stated that Japan would not built its arm and USA would provide protection to Japan.

In school, Japanese are taught about moral discipline, integrity and characters. For the above reasons, they bounced back. Japanese government asked its brilliant military leader to shift their job to business and expand it. They did the same. A great deal of adversity changed into opportunity. People who became strongly mental began becoming mentally strong. Futileness changed to hopefulness. While USA expanded its power, Japanese began expanding their business all around the globe. At that time, Japan with the help of USA expanded its roots in the global market.

Another instance of inspiration of Japan is when they follow discipline. Broken, shredded areas and building are a common occurrence in Japan as it is a flood prone area. As Japanese are filled with morality, discipline and integrity, they faced the challenges and tackled them easily. Also, they do not break rules.

Japan with some help from USA grabbed the global market and exported its products worldwide. Every country believes in the Japanese because they are faithful.

Achievements of Japan

  1. Japanese products are perfect and are known for their perfection, quality, durability, reliability, etc.
  2. It hosted Tokyo Olympics in 1964 just around 22 years after bombarding.
  3. Most popular brands include Nissan and Sony. Innova and Toyota are also popular brands of Japan.
  4. They bounce back rapidly that makes them remarkable. They are simply marvelous at breaking their own records.
  5. They are addicted to perfection and do every way possible to achieve it.
  6. On average, a train is late by 6.5 seconds per year.

What has Japan done?

  • Spent huge sums of money on Education: By spending huge sums of money on education, Japanese government ensured its proper growth and development
  • They learn from their mistakes: In the attempt to strive their goal, they have reached near perfection.
  • Have morality, integrity and discipline: Being filled with many great values, people find them faithful and are always ready to sign a pact with them
  • People never break rules: They are disciplined and punctual. The train rarely comes late and that too by 6 seconds.
  • They have work for long hours : They work diligently and want their country to prosper.
  • People saved money as per the government`s request and this money was used in the industrialization process

What we can learn

  • Save money and then invest the money for greater profit or development
  • Fulfill our duties: Faithful people are always respected
  • Live our life with joy: Never fear defeat and learn from it
  • in difficulty, never feel distressed: A calm person always finds a way out of difficulty
  • stay motivated
  • stay calm
  • stay active

To sum up, though we cannot exactly acquire the skills that Japanese have, but we can surely try to learn some skills from them for the betterment of our future. Live life joyfully, believe in yourself, learn from your mistakes, be calm, and don`t take stress!!

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