The Secret Behind Silence

By: Nidhi Lakhani

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Silence is equal to peaceful state of mind. One can say pausing your brain in the middle of noisy climate. ‘Peep-peep’ of vehicle horn, ‘beep-beep’ of message notification, ‘ringing’ of cell phone, ‘rocking sound’ of music system creates chaos in our brain and disturbs our mental peace.

Internal peace is vital for calming down. Do you know the secret behind silence? Not only for calm down, silence can lead SUCCESS. One might be thinking that what useless, how silence can lead success? What is the relation between silence and success?

But it’s a solid fact that silence can lead success. Have you ever heard the story behind any successful man or woman? Ever noticed their mindset or nature?

Majority of silent people are HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL in their life. Yes, the law of discipline is the key to their success. The quality of being SILENT is the factor behind their success.

If you still don’t believe it, in this article we provide the 10 main reasons of why silent people are more successful.

Basically there are two types of people (¡) Introvert people and (¡¡) Extrovert people. And both the types of people have their own personality i.e. Extrovert people are more social friendly means they meet and talk with various people, they love parties, they are outgoing people.

While Introvert people are in contrast situation. Means they are quiet, they are rarely engaged in social meetings and parties. They spend their quantity time with themselves only.

Here we’ll discuss some qualities about Introvert or Silent People and how they gain success with the nature of being silent in their life.

They are well planners

Silent people or Introvert people have great focus as they are silent they waste less energy in talking with others. So they plan and plan their goals very accurately.

They spend their maximum time in thinking their goals that’s why they are well planners.

They are good listeners

Due to quality of being silent in each circumstances they too possess good quality of listening. Yes silent people are good listeners.

As they talk less about matters, they try to catch it properly with their ears. It also improves their focus.

They are very artistic

Silent people talk less with others and this makes them real artist. Their mind are very sharp, quiet and creative. They are always busy in doing their own creation.

They keep trying until their simple task becomes more creative and this lead to success.

They choose their words wisely

This quality is very special of introvert or silent people, “They choose their words wisely”. Before saying anything they choose appropriate words. They decide mentally what to say and what not to say. Even they also take care of what to say in public and what not to say.

It makes their conversation very effective and create less chaos.

They are massive viewers

Silent people are great observers. They observe everything smartly. And on the basis of their observation they frame their goals.

And that’s why their mind are so creative.

They seize only the best people

Since introvert people are self talkative, they choose very ideally which person to keep with them. They mainly focus on quality rather than quantity.

They try to keep best people with them instead of expanding enormous group. They are concerned with few people only but they must be appropriate.

They know their priorities

Silent people works actively and selectively. Their choosing power is really great. They only keep best people with them.

As they know their priorities, they mainly focus on their goals first. For instance a dietician will be highly active for their diet as it comes as their first priority.

They are trustworthy

As silent people are silent most of the time so they are most trustable people. Whom one can easily trust. They are totally trustworthy because they don’t chitchat more.

Even these people can gain trust easily without much effort. They are expert in keeping thoughts confidential. This can lead towards success.

They are self-aware

Introvert people usually spends abundance time with their own self only. It doesn’t means that they are self conscious, but they are highly self-aware.

At each and every step they will think a lot before doing any action. Before performing they’ll evaluate all pros and cons. And success comes to them easily because they are highly active.

They have bonny self-control

Silent people gets more power from discipline and they have really great self-control over their brain, doing and priorities.

Self-control can also increase willpower which can make one’s desire strong. And one can easily achieve their goals.

These all qualities are high beneficial and essential too. One can easily achieve success on the acceptance of these qualities. In the stairs of SUCCESS the first step is of being SILENT.

Discipline is a mind-blowing quality. One must try to learn this quality to still your mind and heart. The power of ‘calm’ begins as soon as we try to keep our self in discipline.

Being silent is a very fantastic personality. It doesn’t mean that you are not permitted to talk with anyone. But being silent means spare some time for you, only you. Be with you for some time.

In a day just sit for some time alone, only with yourself, spend some time. It’s highly productive firstly it will create peace in your surrounding, afterwards it will calm your inner self and boost your energy.

And most important change here you will note that while spending some time with yourself will make you to know your inner self. Nowadays people are well knowing the strength and weakness of others but they are unaware about their own strength and weakness. Do you know why?

Just because they are not spending couple of time with their selves. While being silent and alone will helps you to know what are your strength and weakness, are you capable of doing anything, how productive you are, are you hungry for your goal? And much more.

So be with your self in a day at least for few hours. Know your self. After all the richest personality like Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, Sundar Pichai climbed the peak of success just because they were aware about their selves and that quality made them highly successful. So for being successful SILENCE is very much vital.

Hope this article brings your desired qualities in your life to become successful.

By: Nidhi Lakhani


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