By Aabruti Chakraborty

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  Puri is the most popular place to visit in the state of Odisha, Bhubaneswar. It is a well known holiest place also named as Jagannath Dhama. Puri is enriched with cultural activities, like Odissi dance, Rath Yatra or Chariot ride. It is also famous for Jagannath Temple, Sea beaches, Konark Sun Temple, Chilika Lake, Vimala Temple of Goddess Durga, Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves etc. Begin the journey with Lord Jagannath Temple.

Jagannath Temple – Purifies the soul :

Here, the idols of three god’s Jagannath, Balaram ( Balabhadra) and Subhadra resides. Shri Jagannath known to be the other form of Lord Shri Krishna or Vishnu, Balaram as the elder brother of Jagannath, and Subhadra, the youngest sister. Jagannath Temple is termed as “Jaggernaut” which denotes that the temple is made up of wood, and the idols are made of neem wood. This temple is sacred to the Vaishnava and to the Hindus. The temple consist of 120 temples inside it. The structure of the temple is sanctioned by four major parts, known as Garba Griha or Deula, Nata Mandir (Assembly hall), Mukhashala (Porch), Bhoga Mandapa (Hall for offering food or Bhog). The Jagannath temple looks like a pyramidal structure or like mountain peaks, over the top “Nila Chakra” catches the attention, as per the culture one of the devotee goes up and changes the flag daily. The Nila Chakra protects the temple. The main entrance has two big statues of Lion known to be as ” Singahdwara” which means “Lion Gate”. And three more entrances are there, one is “Hathidwara” means “Elephant Gate”, another is the “Vyaghradwara” means “Tiger Gate”, and the last one is “Ashwadwara” means “Horse Gate”.

Konark Temple – A Mysterious place :

It is famous by the name “Sun Temple”, located on the northeast part from Puri. It is said that King Narasimhadeva I has created this temple and is dedicated to God Suryadev or Sun. The temple looks like a Chariot with horses and wheels, and also the temple is designed with very unique artworks and the architectural style has been followed by Kalinga Architecture. Picture of Konark Temple is shown on the backside of a Ten rupees note. Though the temple is not fully constructed, some controversies arrive while glancing at this incomplete statement. But still, it is the mode of attraction for it’s sculptures. Konark Temple is covered  by the position of the Jagannath Temple and the Lingaraja Temple. It forms a golden triangle or forms an angular position. 

Chandrabhaga Beach – Sea vibes :

Coming to the vibes of the sea beach of Puri. It is located nearby the temple of Konark, and is the most cleaned beach having a certification of Blue Flag. This sea beach is known to be the holiest place and also it has been believed that, once one who dip inside the ocean becomes pure and purifies his or her soul. From the beach one can experience the amazing views of sunrise and sunset. Though, beach lovers would enjoy the place.

Udayagiri And Khandagiri Caves – Experience the depth of the caves :

This place is located in the South – Central part of Odisha. The name itself denotes the peak position from where the sun rays arrive is called Udayagiri Cave. These two caves were made adjacently from two different adjacent hills, it is said that the caves were made for the Jain to take rest or can say that, it might be Jain’s waiting room. There are many Gumpha inside the caves, and most amusingly, the Rani Gumpha is a two storeyed monastery. The caves were inscripted by Brahmi letters, and called by the name Lena.

Chilika Lake – Where the natural beauty resides :

Chilika Lake is famous for its shallow body seperated from a huge body of water. It is also recommended as a lagoon, also a place worth watching to visit, where migratory birds come, varieties of species catches tourist attention, it is an example of a natural ecosystem with flora and fauna. The Lake changes color, leaving a beauty mark.

Some untold mysteries about Puri :

Definitely, Puri is an eye – catching place. But also there are some mysteries left behind,      such as :-

Puri’s Jagannath Temple is a big mystery, the temple does not form any sciagraphy or shadow.

No birds and Airplane or Helicopter could fly above the temple (Jagannath Temple).

Without the help of any machinery, Sudarshan Chakra which is made up of a heavy metal got the upper position in the temple.

The flag lifted above the temple, follows the opposite direction to the wind.

And the most amazing fact is, every devotee gets the proper amount of food or Prasadam , nothing get wasted.

It’s been a ritual or a rule that, each day, a priest climbs the walls of the Jagannath Temple without any support to change the flag.

No sound of ocean waves enters the temple.

A traditional way is followed to cook the Parsadam, seven pots are mounted vertically, but the uppermost pot cooked first.

Rath Yatra or Chariot ride is the most popular thing to watch.


Hopefully, a short tour of the famous place “Puri ” has been done, one can visualize the scenario by reading this short essay. But, the real views are just unjustified. The deities, sculptures, natural views of the migratory birds, flora and fauna, sea vibes, sunrise and sunset, temples, caves, foods or Prasadam or Bhogs, all these left a holy mark of the place. Natural beauty has its own power to bloom. This place follows the same beauty. Close the eyes to feel the vibes and follow the peace resides inside the heart.

By Aabruti Chakraborty


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