Pet Store: How to Treat Skin Problems In Dogs


The extreme weather conditions of winter and summer can be brutal to the skin health of your dog. Aside from allergies, the drastic climate can wreak havoc on the coat of your poor dog. Skin medications can treat such conditions as antihistamines, anti-inflammatory drugs, antifungal medications, antibiotics. There are also medicated shampoos, sprays, and dips, as well as nutritional supplements that you can find in a pet store to help you manage these skin problems in dogs.

The following are a few skin problems that your dog may acquire. Know more about them and how to treat them properly.


The interaction of your dog to the environment may cause skin problems such as dermatitis. A change in the environment that your pet comes in contact with like plants, bugs, grass, dirt, etc., can bring about dermatitis. Your dog may also have an issue with water that can result in a severe skin problem, also known as a hotspot.

In the case of nutritional dermatitis, this condition usually occurs due to poor nutrition. In general, dogs are not supposed to be vegetarians. Make sure that your dog has meat in their diet as the main ingredient. Giving your pet vitamins and Omega fatty acid supplements can also help relieve this skin problem.

Skin Allergies

An allergic reaction happens to the body when there is exposure to a stimulant. Your dog may inhale, eat, or have a reaction to an insect bite. Know that a skin reaction is not always a result of an allergen contact; it can also be due to allergen consumption. When the immune system of the dog detects the allergen in its body, it releases a defence system to repel and attack the allergen. This type of allergic reaction in dogs typically displays skin itching.

A vet can help treat the condition and prevent its occurrence. But, you may treat minor itching on your dog by using specific products, for example, Hydrocortisone.


A hive is a kind of allergic reaction that will inflict pain and discomfort to your dog. Hives are itchy and have round raised bumps in appearance. The swelling and spots can also appear on the eyelids of your dog. Hives usually develop within minutes after the dog is exposed to an allergen, but they tend to disappear fast.

The treatment of hives in dogs varies depending on the cause of the outbreak. For example, your vet may recommend applying an antihistamine to alleviate discomfort and swelling. You may use a hypoallergenic shampoo from a pet store to clean the coat of your dog, helping them feel fresh and comfortable.

Skin Care Tips For Your Dog

Here are some useful tips to curb and prevent skin problems:

  • If itchiness is the primary issue, most likely, your pet has fleas. Try combing your hand on the hair to check for fleas. You can easily see them jumping and moving everywhere. Make sure to apply flea and tick medications regularly, particularly in warmer months.
  • Try giving your four-legged companion dog supplement such as coconut oil.
  • After bathing your pet, follow it up with some conditioner from your favourite pet store.
  • If you have added a new food to your dog’s diet and the dog seemed to be having problems with it, consider switching the food back again. It is better to give your dog familiar foods that they have no allergic reactions.

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