My Mother


You are the one who gave me this life,

Cutting my sorrows like a knife.

 You bore the pain of my birth,

Protecting me from this world full of dirt.

Your unconditional love made me strong,

Your trust upon me corrected my wrong.

Your teachings made me happy and secure,

Your examples made me confident and mature.

You fashioned my dreams and painted my hopes,

You taught me to make knots at the end of my ropes.

You mapped the way to Heaven above,

By showering upon me your kindness and love.

 I hardly tell you how much you mean to me,

I rarely show you how your love has set me free.

To live forever and ever is what I wish for you,

A long eternal life for the one so sacred and true.

I cannot explain the gratitude inside,

For all the days and nights you spent right by my side.

I love you more than anything.

I just wish that I can give you everything.



  1. the poem was just heart touching. it was well brought and excellently expressed…i often read other poem in the website but this was different . good work.please read my poem money the modern monster and express your views.


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