Writing a poetry,
Is even difficult than the work of pottery.
Making a single line rhyme,
Requires patience, as it consumes a very long time.
Poetry is just like our inner voice,
Which contains has voice but produces no noice.
All our feelings which cannot be physically expressed,
Can be written in form of poem even when we are relaxed or stressed.
Poem writing is one of the most important type of literature,
Which shows a writer’s observation and his nature.
All good poets have very creative minds,
Which are God gifted and someone rarely finds.
Poets live in a world full of imaginations,
But some leisured mindless fools consider poets as a source of recreation.
In every new quote,
That a poet wrote,
Is not for someone’s rote,
As it itself contain a unique deep note.
A genius thinking mind is required alone,
For writing a verse containing a peaceful tone.
Bards require just pen and page,
To share their feeling on an uncaged stage.
Poets express everything they experience fearlessly, with the pen they hold,
As they have a brave heart which is very bold.
They are considered as the most precious gift to the world,
Having value as pure gold,
Which is kept safely and is never sold.
Author: – Sahaj Sabharwal, Jammu and Kashmir, India 


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