How I Remember You (Poem)

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The first word, I learned, is “You”

The name in my each and every breath is “You”

My tears and smile always take “your” touch

Know I LOVE you, how much…


“You” gave me the set of wings,

And cheered me to fly.

You enabled me to soar up,

And the limit was merely the sky.


Within the flora of my heart,

A flower blooms so grand.

The prettyish that has been

Known to grow across the land.


Petals of paragon as

To bless me every ken.

Gleaming with such majestic

Of colors vibrant brilliant.


Fragrant as paradise send to

Becalm my every fear.

Satin to touch discloses

A love that beckons clear.


Cherished as a bright and pleasant day

Of spring like weather true.

This blossom that experiences my heart

Dear “MAA” it is you.


Mousumi Kundu Paul



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