The best Tourist Place- Amber Fort


India is well known for its culture, heritage, and prosperity in earlier times. Now it is growing as one of the leading tourist places in the world. According to a report, over10 million foreigners visit India every year as a tourist and it is increasing rapidly when UNESCO has recognized many places of India as a part of World Heritage.

Jaipur, commonly known as Pink City is an attraction for many tourists, especially the Amber Fort. Amber Fort has located 11 km. away from the main city of Jaipur. This marvelous place was built by Raja Man Singh I in the 16th century and is completed in the 18th century by Raja Sawai Jay Singh. This beautiful palace is well known for its architecture and its artistic style. There is a lake, commonly known as Maota Lake, which was used as a major source for water in the palace. It has been built from red sandstone and marvel which is flourishing its beauty. It has Diwan- e -Khas, Diwan-e-Aam and Sheesh Mahal and much more to explore. The palace was built on such a height that it was not possible to conquer the place easily. However, there were secret routes that connect this palace to Jaigarh Palace and could be used to safeguard royal family members during the time of Emergency. The entry point for the place was known as Suraj Pole Gate because of the fact that it faces the east. It provides a great path for Elephants. Even now one can enjoy Elephant riding and can feel the royalty. There were four Courtyards in the fort. One of them is Jaleb Chowk which was used to be a place of gathering for Army, Elephants, and Horses. Kings and Commanders used to inspect the march. Ganesh Pol was another courtyard, it was named after Lord Ganesha. It was generally used by the royal ladies to see the ceremonies through the windows. It was painted with Hindu Gods. Another very fascinating part of the palace is known as Sheesh Mahal, which means ‘Palace of Mirrors. It was constructed with the help of thousands of colorful mirrors, which was convex in shape. It is very interesting to witness the reflection through these mirrors. It was constructed by Raja Man Singh in the 16th century. However, this can be considered as the most colorful part of the palace. Other interesting parts of the place are Diwan-e-Khas and Diwan-e Aam. Diwan-e-Aam was used as Public audience Hall. Here, King used to resolve public matters and deliver justice. While Diwan-e-Khas was used by the King for the discussion with the Elites or King’s Advisor. In this palace, there is a Sila Devi Temple. Even now, people go to take her blessings. A lot of crowds can be seen on special occasions like Navratri. No one is not allowed to take pictures inside the temple. For security purposes, security guards and cameras can be observed. When Raja Man Singh lost his battle with a King in East Bengal. He prayed to Goddess Kali. After that, he won the battle. So he established this temple in his faith in Goddess.

Another very fascinating fact of the palace is that one can enjoy Elephant ride to reach the top part of the palace. Or one can go by foot using the stairs. There are approximately 80 Elephants for this purpose. It takes Rs. 1200 for an individual to enjoy the ride. The number of rides is fixed for an elephant.

Thousands of people visit the Amber Fort every Day. The tourists are always very fond of Indian Culture because of its uniqueness in the world. Tourists can buy some Jaipuri style items like Jutis, Caps, etc. At the entrance of the palace, there is a place to feed the pigeons, one may buy grains to feed the pigeons at the cost of Rs. 10 per plate. It looks awesome but one may feel bad for the old women, who sit near the place. You may observe that everyone is always busy in clicking the pictures of themselves with this beautiful place. This is one of the best places in Jaipur. It is eye captivating and mesmerizing. Anyone can enjoy the beauty of this place in the air itself. If anyone visits this place in Rainy Season, he or she may witness the greenery in the surroundings as it is located near Aravali Hills. Anyone can enjoy the beautiful sunset or sunrise also. However, there is a specific time to enter the fort. There are certain shops also, so one may buy something to eat or drink. And one may need to be careful with his or her belongings from stealing. The view of the place is very beautiful.

Overall it is a great place to visit and to Enjoy with family or friends.

Author: Ekta Sehra, Jaipur, Rajasthan



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