Must-Have Magento 2 Extensions To Boost Your Sales In 2023

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Magento, now Adobe Commerce, is the go-to platform for many e-commerce businesses. To make things easier, there are countless extensions that help your store reach its full potential. With so many Magento 2 extensions available, it can be difficult to choose the right one. We’ve got you covered! After 10 years of experience in e-commerce development, we have compiled our top best Magento 2 extensions. Leverage the power of them by adding to your Magento platform today!

Advanced Product Feeds for Magento 2

An extension for generating feeds on your website. With its help, you get great opportunities for business growth. You can automatically create feeds and deliver them to marketplaces. Advanced Product Feeds includes more than 50 templates for Amazon, Bing, eBay, Instagram, etc., and will help you create product feeds for Google Shopping.

Advanced Product Feeds contains tools that are very popular with eCommerce. It allows you:

  • hide out-of-stock products, hide products without images, filter by price
  • change and edit fields, directly edit the code of fields in the feed
  • export product data in any format, so your product feed becomes more visible and optimized on marketplaces.

OneStepCheckout for Magento 2

Magento 2’s OneStepCheckout boosts the customer experience by simplifying the checkout process. Customers can quickly enter essential data required for placing an order, reducing the time and hassle to complete their purchase.

Merchants with this extension provide a more intuitive and user-friendly buying experience for customers, making it easier for them to make purchases:

  • contains automatic updates of available payment methods when the user chooses a delivery method
  • automatic updating of prices and totals when changing the quantity, shipping/payment method
  • checkout on a single page
  • country auto-fill with GeoIP localization adaptive on mobile devices and tablets
  • the ability to change the quantity or remove items in the order summary
  • disabling unnecessary fields, such as fax, company, phone, region, etc.
  • choose the order the address fields appear
  • built-in delivery date function with a date picker (calendar) and an instruction field
  • easy to change the appearance of the form
  • several registration scenarios, including automatic registration
  • compatible with 99% of shipping and payment extensions that use Magento 2 API 

Advanced SEO Suite for Magento 2

Advanced SEO Suite for Magento 2 is a search engine optimization package that increases flexibility and gives you more control over every SEO-related function of your website.

  • apply simple SEO templates
  • help Google with product crawling
  • stand out with Google snippets and Facebook Opengragh markup
  • increase your CTR thanks to snippets
  • make meta tags using advanced SEO templates
  • change any metadata using the built-in URL Rewrites Management
  • manage redirects to any URL
  • overwrite meta tags, descriptions, and H1 tags for any store URL
  • make URL addresses of products and images SEO-friendly
  • define canonical, language and relationship tags for any page
  • check the status of pages in real time with the automatic SEO audit
  • generate an advanced frontend HTML sitemap and an XML sitemap for Google

Full Page Cache Warmer for Magento 2

Magento 2 loads quickly only if its pages are in the cache. Full Page Cache Warmer automatically adds pages to the cache and thus speeds up your store! Among its features:

  • compatible with Varnish Cache, default File Cache, Redis Cache, and others
  • allows you to make lists of specific pages to warm up the cache to reduce server load and speed up cache warm-up.
  • provides control of the Average System Load
  • contains the flexible configuration of cache warming rules
  • allows you to customize URL sources
  • operates in the background.

Magento 2 Layered Navigation Extension

Magento 2 Layered Navigation

This extension makes navigation easier for users, allowing them to quickly and easily browse through products within your website. This will lead to increased user engagement in your store. Magento 2 Layered Navigation will make your site user-friendly:

  • applies Ajax technology for quick site navigation
  • improves the filter functions and adds new ones: new products, availability, rated, sale and search among attributes.
  • automatically offers the most popular filters for a category
  • lets the customers select and apply multiple filters at once
  • allows adding images to certain filters
  • allows you to make new catalog pages to further streamline the customer journey.
  • allows you to load more products with a button like Lazy Load and display a list of all brands of your store on a separate page
  • store view function allows you to have full control over the visibility of the brand page for the search engine
  • allows you to display filters vertically or horizontally
  • with this extension, you have the ability to display a “filter reset” block above the main block or above the product list, and you can also write meta information for the brand page.

The Improved Sorting for Magento 2

The extension may increase the merchandising potential of your online shop. The extension adds advanced sorting options, allowing customers to organize product lists by bestsellers, newest, most popular products, etc. Factors let you determine the order of products in the catalog. The extension allows you to rank:

  • products either by their stock status or by quantity left in the warehouse
  • products by the difference between the regular price and the special price
  • products with certain attributes or sets of attributes above
  • products depending on the number of purchases made over a certain period of time
  • product rated higher have higher conversion rate because it looks more trustworthy.

 Blog MX for Magento 2

Blogging with Magento 2’s MX package is an ideal way to bring more value to your ecommerce business, increase organic traffic and boost your conversion rate. It’s a complete blogging system with powerful features that enable better content creation and optimization.

What you get with the Blog MX for Magento 2:

  • easy navigation
  • one page setup
  • a preview function
  • the ability to tell more about the author of the post
  • if you write an advertising post, you can add a gallery with all the products you mentioned below
  • allows you to specify URL keys, meta titles and meta descriptions for blog posts, category pages and the main blog page
  • if you want the front-end of a blog to suit the content better you can change the layout of the post, the mode of viewing the list of posts, the algorithm for sorting posts or the number of posts
  • horizontal and vertical widgets
  • multistore support for blog posts (it becomes helpful, for example, if you have a multilingual store. Display posts from each language in a separate store view.

Blog MX is compatible with the Hyva theme.

Product Labels for Magento 2 allows merchants to distinguish products with bright images (labels). The module perfectly complements marketing activities during discounts and promotions. You can create and apply labels with a special price to attract customers and drive sales.

You can create labels:

  • bargain sale
  • seasonal sales
  • daily special price, etc.
  • free shipping
  • gifts
  • bestsellers
  • top products

Magento 2 Product Mass Action

Magento 2 Product Mass Action makes it easier and faster to update your products! It also adds powerful mass update features to the product grid, including: 

  • once you select a product, the extension displays a toolbar with mass actions
  • change product information without reloading
  • execute long actions in the background
  • add products to categories in a couple of clicks
  • edit related products
  • copy product images and special product parameters
  • update product attributes and change prices in bulk much easier
  • set up cronjobs to perform large tasks on their own.

Improved Asynchronous Reindexing for Magento 2

 The Magento 2 Reindex extension makes full automation of index management processes possible. It is a reliable solution that will help simplify the administration of your online business.

In order for the site user to receive up-to-date product data, the developer needs to update the Magento index for any changes. This is not a simple process that is provided by default by some features out of the Magento box.

Magento 2 Elasticsearch

Magento 2 Elasticsearch provides a more efficient and effective way for users to quickly find the information they need.

  • provides the fastest autocomplete search
  • supports multi-indexes
  • has a hot search function, which means that with this extension you can offer the most popular search terms and direct your customer to exclusive offers
  • set your store to display autocomplete results above the layout in the hover window. It forces the customer to focus on their search.

It is compatible with the Hyva theme.

Algolia Instant Search

The extension provides excellent search speed, namely:

  • ranking options allow you to prioritize results that direct visitors of the shop to your best-selling and most popular products
  • typos and synonym matching ensure that you always lead users to what they are looking for

The Algolia Instant Search extension is free, but you need an Algolia account to use the extension. Commercial use starts at $29.

Google Tag Manager & Facebook Pixel for Magento 2

Google Tag Manager & Facebook Pixel for Magento 2 will greatly simplify your work on integrating external scripts. Its advantages are

  • you can track the in-store behavior of the customer, get a deep in-store traffic analysis
  • no manual code editing is required to add the google tag manager
  • easy integration with custom blocks on the frontend
  • support for standard Google Analytics 3 and enhanced Google Analytics 4 tracking
  • measuring the frequency of product views by users
  • monitoring events for customer groups and product variants

It is compatible with the Hyva theme.

Magento 2 WebP Images Extension

Magento 2 WebP Images allows you to optimize images and automatically convert them to WebP format, WebP images are the next-generation file format that allows you to significantly reduce the image size and maintain its quality at the same time.

It is compatible with the Hyva theme.

The Most Popular GDPR for Magento 2

In a GDPR-enabled online store, the user can permanently delete an account to ensure the safety of important information. With GDPR, it is possible to:

  • enable anonymization of account settings
  • edit the email template
  • delete addresses in the address book page
  • accept cookies on the frontend
  • hide information in the order in case the user deletes the account

 Magento 2 Mega Menu Pro

With this extension it is possible to customize menus to perfectly suit your needs:

  • supports Rest API, which allows the API to be easily associated with third-party software
  • includes custom design with skin builder
  • allows you to choose a horizontal or vertical menu structure in the backend

Improved Import & Export for Magento 2

The Improved Import and Export extension combines native Magento 2 import and export tools with automation and necessary improvements. The extension is based on the Magento 2 import logic, which means that it understands all product attributes and adds new ones that simplify the product, customer, advanced pricing, and category imports.

  • the extension is compatible with the Hyva theme. It supports:
  • Google Sheets, Google Drive, FTP/SFTP, URL, Dropbox, OneDrive
  • Rest and SOAP API for integration with third-party software
  • files: CSV, XML, Excel XLSX, ODS, Json
  • import any XML file structure into Magento 2

Among other advantages:

  • allows you to schedule import and export with cron
  • powerful import and export mapping for any data structure with filters and static values
  • cache for product import to save time on consecutive import
  • supports all types of products including gift cards, product reviews, search terms and synonyms, URL rewriting
  • update the price of imported products and catalog
  • export: orders, invoices, shipping, categories
  • import and export of EAV and special attributes
  • user-friendly and intuitive interface

Magento 2 Cron Schedule

There are plenty of free extensions available for ecommerce powered by Adobe Commerce that can optimize efficiency, and maximize sales. Magento 2 Cron Schedule is free. It helps administrators to view, manage and schedule cron tasks in a simple way.

  • it is possible to record any stage of the cron task in detail
  • visualize cron tasks in the timetable
  • execute cron tasks manually at any time
  • monitor the cron task through the admin panel
  • notify the administrator by email

 Magento 2 SMTP

Magento 2 SMTP helps to improve email performance and forget about the spam mailbox, and sleep well without thinking about whether the emails have reached the recipient or not:

Make sure your emails reach their destination with Magento 2 SMTP! Store owner can enjoy improved email performance, fast delivery times, and greater reliability when sending emails to users. Make sure you never have to worry about your messages ending up in the spam folder or being blocked again:

  • have a customizable SMTP server. Mageplaza SMTP will provide you with a convenient customizable port and the host
  • includes sent-email logs, allows the user to check who/how they were sent
  • has a developer mode setting. The developer gets control of sending emails
  • supports most email services
  • allows testing emails before sending them. This feature will allow you to check if your current email settings are working

Magento 2 Social Login

As a Magento store owner, you can take advantage of free Magento extensions like the Magento 2 Social Login extension. It is designed to quickly log in without complicated registration and authorization steps:

  • easily edit your account
  • easily enable or disable any social communication channel (change social network)
  • fully compatible with Magento 2 One Step Checkout

Magento 2 Backend Reindex

The extension allows website administrators to update individual or all indexes manually right from the admin panel instead of running the command line. And also:

  • easily reindex in the “Manage indexes” section from the admin panel
  • send data to be reindexed in just one click
  • set up notifications when any indexers are updated
  • manage the settings index through the administrator role.

What is important when choosing Magento 2 extensions?

  • the choice of the best Magento 2 extensions actually starts with an audit. Our team studies the entire functionality of the website, and the history of additional features, before offering the solutions to the particular online store.
  • pay attention to the quality of technical support. As for me, Mirasvit has the best one. Mirasvit offers a variety of Magento 2 extensions and provides open communication with clients. We can contact the developers directly, which saves time for all the improvements. In cooperation with most vendors, communication occurs through a manager, which gives the effect of a broken phone. Moreover, Mirasvit makes small changes to the functionality of the Magento extensions free of charge at our request. Quality support saves a lot of time and effort in finding solutions to problems quickly.
  • special attention to the terms of technical support with the vendor. Most companies have switched to a paid subscription-based scheme: some offer free support for a certain period, and then the client is obliged to pay for the service, while others pay for it in full.
  • it is also key to remember that Magento 2 extensions from one vendor may not always be compatible with each other. That’s why it’s critical to find a company that has experience in installing and troubleshooting ecommerce extensions — like our Perspective Magento Development team. Our professionals can anticipate standard problems when installing extensions. Also, have the technical skills to properly integrate any module into your website.
  • when choosing Magento 2 extensions, the price plays an important role. But you need to understand that the functionality is usually relevant to the price. But what will really significantly affect your choice is the difference in price between the Open source version and Commerce. As you know extensions for Magento 2 Open Source are much cheaper.
  • it is worth paying attention to the fact that not all Magento 2 extensions are compatible with Hyva and PWA technologies. Be sure to clarify this point when choosing extensions for your site, because it entails a lot of custom work.

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