India and its Affair With Soft Power

By: Vedanti Sakhare

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“को ही भारः समर्थना कीं दूरं व्यसायिनाम। को विदेशः सविद्यानां कः परः प्रियवादिनम।“ – Chanakya Niti

This quote from Chanakya niti says that if a person has that capability and skill to influence, is admired in country and foreign.

Soft Power of a country is one of the pointer which determines what position a country enjoys on a global stage, the scientific definition of soft power is- “a persuasive approach to international diplomacy involving the use of cultural and economic influence”; so to simplify the utilization of capital or culture to influence the world; right now America is a centric force of soft powers , who doesn’t know about star bucks, Hollywood films ,if any new trend gets started in USA , it gets viral in the whole world , other than that America’s military power and technological influence is also worldwide popular, to tell the biggest example of perfect utilization of soft powers are China and South Korea.

China is using its economic power to increase its influence on other smaller countries and South Korea is using its cultural strength to shine on global stage. South Korea’s K-pop is known to everyone , this soft power of theirs is at such a par and popularity that ‘BTS’ a popular boy band of k -pop is now appointed as a diplomatic representative of South Korea in united nations ,secondly their film industry is very innovating and flourishing with huge support of government where they have a special ministry of culture ; this has already proved the potential of Korean people worldwide by an Oscar winning movie’ parasite’ and a global sensational series ‘squid games’. They know and have developed and operated their soft power as a strength to achieve a global status as an influential country.

India is very lucky to have such a rich culture and heritage with our Bollywood industry known internationally but these industries need more backing from the Indian government more remodeling, India has that power to make Bollywood industry as one of our cultural exports to the world like Korea did, they consider there k – movies and K-pop as cultural export which forms important part of their GDP and economy. India already has a significant influence in countries of Central Asia like Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, in the middle east and in countries like China and Japan too; but if India wants to enjoy a global position that India deserves, we really need to expand our reach in these countries through our soft power.

India has Ayurveda, yoga, Bollywood, + economic ability to have world manufacturing, defense export etc., these are our soft power, we need to realize and tap their potential skillfully. I would like, to conclude with Acharya Chanakya’s saying that if you use your qualities and knowledge in correct place with a veracious attitude, no one can stop you from being successful, here same applies for our country ,lets understand the values of our culture and economic potential and expand it in the world through a diplomatic weapon called “soft power”.

By: Vedanti Sakhare

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