Importance of NCERT Books for Class 12 Biology Students

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We are all well aware of the great amount of significance held by our educational qualifications and how well we do throughout our education. For getting into a career field of our own choice, we need to get related educational degrees. Similarly, in order to get admission in the course and college of our choice, it becomes one of the highest priorities for students to score well in their Class 12 Examinations. 

Enormity of the Syllabus

If you are a Class 12 Biology, you must be aware of the enormity of the syllabus provided by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). It can be difficult to cover such a vast syllabus and also be able to achieve your aim of scoring well in the Class 12 Biology exam, especially if you do not use the right study material during your preparation. In order to score the highest marks possible in an exam, one of the most important tips you need to follow is sticking to the material that has been covered in the books published by the National Council of Educational Research and Training, commonly known as the NCERT.

Popularity of NCERT Books

It can be undoubtedly concluded that NCERT books are paramount in the CBSE Board examinations. The popularity of NCERT books can be attributed to their crisp and precise content. NCERT provides just the exact amount of knowledge a student would need to excel in an examination. This is one of the many reasons why NCERT books are very important for students preparing to take their board examinations. If you look through past years’ question papers, you would realize that most of the questions have been directly asked from the NCERT books. It’s a simple logic to study one book many times rather than studying many books one time. And the NCERT books serve just right for this appetite. That’s why students who read and revise NCERT repeatedly come up with flying colors when the results are announced. NCERT not just gives you an edge in board examinations but also prepares you for competitive examinations. This is another reason which makes NCERT very popular among students. It helps them to score well in board exams. At the same time aids them in paving the pathway for their entrance exams in the future.

Ingredients of the NCERT Biology Books

The Class 12 Biology NCERT Books are inclusive of each and every topic that is a part of the syllabus provided by CBSE which is why the board always prescribed the NCERT books. The content in the books is created with strict adherence to the topics in the syllabus and avoiding irrelevant or incomplete explanations as it will lead to wastage of the preparatory period when students are trying to study. Due to this all-inclusive nature and proper compliance to the CBSE guidelines, the NCERT Books continue to be the best study material for Biology in Class 12.

One cannot really appreciate the way the NCERT books for Class 12 Biology are designed. If you begin reading one NCERT chapter you will get an easy introduction followed by moderate to difficult comprehensible textual data. This is smartly designed by India’s very well-known professors in their fields. There is one section in NCERT after every topic, which talks about what we learned and what we can think out of the box. It’s intriguing. This technique of framing the NCERT textbook helps the students to grasp the basic concepts and then develop a higher-level understanding. NCERTs appear to be very light, easy books but if you read in between the lines, you will realize that NCERT textbooks are truly the Bible for CBSE students. They help you in clearing your fundamental concepts by supplementing the theoretical knowledge with experimental and numerical problems. The syllabus inculcated within NCERT textbooks highly resonates with the CBSE curriculum, making it ideal for CBSE students. Very often, students refrain from reading thick textbooks in order to understand any topic. That’s the point where they look for concise versions provided by books like NCERT. The reason is, these textbooks do not intimidate any student by their physical or volumetric appearance. Thus the NCERT textbooks become student-friendly as well as a torchbearer for future generations.

Pattern of the NCERT Books for Class 12 Biology

One of the most important features included in the pattern of the NCERT Books for Class 12 Biology is the in-text questions and exercises that are provided for each chapter after students are done reading. These questions are meant not only to assess how much the students were able to grasp from the chapter but also to help them learn and understand more in case they missed any details while reading. Solving these questions is important during your preparation as these can be directly asked in the Class 12 Biology exam. The NCERT Questions are also a very efficient way to practice and revise during your preparation. 

The Class 12 Biology NCERT Books in specific also have another essential feature that increases the importance of referring to these books during your preparation. This feature includes the provision of various illustrations, diagrams, etc. that can be found in the books to help students learn more descriptively and be able to comprehend various concepts easily. The diagrams are well explained and labeled to provide a better understanding to the students.

Final Words

CBSE Board and NCERT textbooks go hand in hand. If one tries to separate these two, the consequences would not be very sweet to taste. The integrated syllabus, fundamental clarity, concise summary, key points, inquisitive questions about the topic, and numerical problems of NCERT makes it shine like a sun in the universe of books. Students following such a well-versed textbook tend to surpass the masses. NCERT not just gives you the cognizance of the subject you are studying but also highlights the contribution of eminent scholars in that particular field. All such attributes of NCERT textbooks make them extremely important for the budding youth of our nation.

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