By: Farchan Auliya' Rahman AlFaqih

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Before you start, plan for a topic for writing a creative’s often helpful to put your thoughts together in a complete brainstorming. It ensures that you have the complete structure for your story at the beginning, middle and end. When not planning, people often wonder what to do next after the main event of their story has happened.


Plan for a successful essay in the following ways: Investigate a topic Take notes and collect important information about the topic you are discussing. Even if you choose a slightly weird subject like time travel, it’s important to be specific. By investigating, you can make the story look more sophisticated. 

Plan the basic structure

Plan the basic structure Determine what happens at the beginning, end, and middle of the story. How would you like to introduce your character? What important events and problems do they face? Will they just solve one problem and face another bigger problem? Get something on the rough draft paper, read it, and think about where you need to expand your ideas or develop something further. This is a great opportunity to remove unwanted information that isn’t added to your story.

Basics of Planning

Now that you know the basics of planning, you can actually start writing your essay. Some people prefer to start with the title and use it as a guide to sentence structure. Others find it too difficult to choose a title before seeing how the story unfolds. It may be easier to choose a placeholder title so that you can go back and edit it later. Whenever you write a title, make sure it has an impact. The correct option is usually a fun and catchy title to let the reader know what the story is. You can choose a fun title. B. A story about a murder that occurs when a character runs Google HQ. If you follow the tips above, you can start polishing the outline after the title. The best structure for creative essays is usually Oxford’s three-point method. In other words, setup This is where you set up characters, places, and how people relate to each other. If you know what will happen later in the story, you can also use premonition here. When a character sees an episode of Quantum Leap during an introduction when traveling later. Conflict Here the story has a turning point. Something happens to form the core of the plot. Perhaps your character is suddenly back in time and fleeing the police. Police mistake them for distant ancestors and bosses of criminal gangs. The assignment should be important enough to get the reader’s attention. A character tripping in the street isn’t enough of a confrontation.

Explore how your character resolves the problem

Now you can begin to explore how your character resolves the problem. How does your time-traveler shake the police and get back to his own time? He might face a few more challenges on the road to victory, but eventually he should get there. There are tons of creative ways to write a paper. Some people like to write the ending first and work backwards from there. Others start by writing the major action points of the essay, then figuring out what happens before and after. It’s up to you to figure out what works best for you. A good way to make sure you don’t lose focus is to set aside sections of time when you’re going to concentrate on writing and nothing else. Block out all other distractions, turn off your phone, and make sure you don’t leave your keyboard until you’ve produced a certain number of words. Here are some quick tips to help you in the writing process: At first, the main goal of your writing will be to just get something on paper. A lot of people struggle with simply getting started when it comes to creative essay writing.

By: Farchan Auliya’ Rahman AlFaqih

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