How to write an essay fast

By: Ishita Sharma

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Writing an essay is not just like solving a maths problem or reading a chapter from a book. Although they are frustrating activities, they always seem to be more finite than the difficult task of writing an essay. It requires you to brainstorm, research, outline, edit, draft, and add some citations. There will be times when you have to write an essay really quickly, it can be due to tight deadlines or because you are so busy you have been postponing it until the last minute. 
However, it is possible to produce a good essay even if you have less time left by following these tips :

Right Mindset 

Even before you start writing it is very crucial to get yourself in the right mindset. You may experience feelings of stress, and anxiety and think you don’t have enough time to complete. You may even feel like giving up. It is very important to remove all these negative thoughts and develop a positive attitude. Take a deep breath, try to stay calm, and start working on your essay systematically.

Get rid of all the distraction

The distractions around us today are no longer the people but social media and gadgets around us. So the next time would be to switch off your mobile phones and stay away from social media till the time you don’t complete the task. Be determined to finish the essay on time.

Understand the questions carefully 

This is a very important step. If you understand the question vaguely at the beginning you will have to take a pause while writing the essay. Answering the question in your head about what you want to write about at the very beginning. This will help you to focus on writing your essay in a much more efficient manner.

Research efficiently 

Remember, your research should be very brief and crips as you do not have much time left to complete your essay. Looks for the specific information. Research those main ideas that you definitely want to include in your essay. The goal of your research should be to collect enough information so that you can start writing. 

Create an outline

You can break your essay into 5 paragraphs which will include the introduction and the conclusion. Each paragraph should have the main point, evidence in support of the main point, summarising statements, and transition to the next paragraph. Give the thesis statement in the introduction itself and connect the main points of the paragraphs with the thesis statement. 

Make the introduction appealing

There are several possible ways to make the introduction appealing. For e.g., 

  1.  Writing about your personal experience
  2.  Using a provocation quotation
  3. Using a vivid anecdote 
  4. A thought-provoking question

Write the main arguments in the body 

Here you will develop your argument and clearly explain your topic. The points that you have written in your outline will form a different paragraph which will be backed by the pieces of evidence. Remember to use a proper sentence format and the same format to be followed in every paragraph. There is no hard rule on how many paragraphs the body of your essay must consist of in order to be effective, you can decide according to the time in which you have to complete it. 


You must summarize your thoughts in the conclusion. Make this part very clear. Try not to introduce any new ideas or arguments. Restate the thesis and your main points in this part. It should leave room for further exploration. Depending on what your argument was try to leave readers with a favorable impression. 


As you finish writing your conclusion do not consider it to be complete. You need to edit it to make it complete. Look for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. You can read the essay backward to find spelling mistakes if any. You can ask a trusted friend to edit the paper for you but make sure that they don’t end up distracting you.

Add references as you go along

If you want to add some references or bibliographies to your essay you can do it as you g along to save some time. Every time you quote someone, you can add a footnote saying where the quote is from. 

Do not over quote 

With time constraints it is very common to use too many quotes or long passages from scholars to complete the word count and reduce the time of writing they will have to do by themselves. 

Writing an essay is still a lot of work. But if you follow the tips given in this essay you will be able to accomplish the task of completing the essay on time without any loss of quality. Once you have finished the essay reward yourself as you have worked intensively to put up a great essay.

By: Ishita Sharma

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