Growing up

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Growing up they said, it’s compulsory,

but there I was in a journey of self discovery.

Didn’t realize how innocence,

changed to dumbness.

How being happy and cheerful,

turned to be sinful.

It was what I waited for,

growing up I adored.

But now it’s time to stop,

the idea was flop.

It is becoming restricted,

no matter how wonderfully it was depicted.

I again want appreciation as stars on my hand,

never realized how time slipped like sand.

I again want to be free,

in happiness’ sea.

Adulting makes me sick,

worries capture me in a blink.

How wonderful it was earlier,

no matter what other said, I was bubblier.

The awkwardness,

was better than this seriousness.

My ears still capture the airplane’s noise,

I still enjoy playing with  toys.

No matter others judge and categorize,

I still dream to reach the skies.

I am no longer a child,

Not an adult, but with dreams wild.

I need to make choices,

ignoring the voices.

I am building my future,

But I am still an adult premature.

Sometimes I fall,

But life doesn’t come to stall.

I gather my courage,

myself I encourage.

Like I picked my bicycle,

and forgot the bruises.

The life completed a falling cycle,

as I still face and fight the crises.

I didn’t realize how the time went so far,

fighting the unwanted wars.

Suddenly, I am thrown back into reality,

where I have to react and behave practically.

Growing up,

is not my cup.

Though I know, I can’t refrain,

but surely I can reign.

Being an insane!

Author Bio:

Urvi Shah is a CA Aspirant from Nagpur, Maharashtra. She is a budding writer and an avid reader. She loves to craft her imagination into words. She calls herself a wordsmith. She is an amateur writer and poet. With observation mode always on, she spends her time scribbling her thoughts in diary. She is also a beginner flautist and a bibliophile. She loves exploring and discovering herself. She considers her family as biggest inspiration for writing.


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