Graphic Design: a New Horizon of Success

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Every person in life wants to be successful in their career. Career is the main reason why people focus on their line of study and higher education. For a long time, there have been conventional ways of studying related to specific careers. Now, there is an ocean of opportunities; people can become successful these days by taking up unconventional careers as well. However, it is important to have the prospect and scope of a career before investing both money and time for a certain education regarding that. Here in this article, one such profession is being discussed with the career opportunities associated with it.

What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic design education in Penji is a path-breaking career where a person can get to achieve a range of exciting career opportunities. This is a technology-based educational prospect where one gets to learn different learning objectives like motion graphics, project management, development of a portfolio, design theory animation, and more. The business of digital media, Digital effect, and Interactive Publishing are some interesting courses that one is taught during this course. What allures the clients to get the best graphic designing solutions at Penji is its long experience a perfect blend of technology, art, and communication.   

Graphic designers have to possess extensive knowledge of image construction, color theory, font types, and artistic principles to make their host band attractive and potent for its target market. The skill and qualifications required for the jobs associated with graphic designing are-

  1. Innovation and creativity,
  2. Communication,
  3. Computerized Sketching,
  4. Determining and assuming target audiences and
  5. Well, proficiency in CAD (Computer Aided Designs) like Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Paintshop Pro, InDesign, and more.

11 best Graphic Designing Jobs-

Below is the list of 11 best Graphic Design jobs with average salaries, duties, and requirements.Photo Editor-(around $17/hour)- For becoming a photo editor, one needs to have an in-depth knowledge of Photoshop along with other software regarding photo editing. A bachelor’s degree in photography, graphic designs, and or product designs is what some Aristocrat companies would require as eligibility. However, any person possessing a vast and expert knowledge of photo editing tools and an attractive portfolio of work can also grab the opportunity of being a photo editor of a grand company. What photo editors require to do is to work on real-life images; combining images, adjustment, or color correction are to be done by the photo editor to get the final image. As per the requirements of image editing, one needs to adjust the light, coloring, logo illustration, banners of the project, and more.

 Apparel Graphic Designer ($18/hour approx)

A graduate in Graphic design with previous knowledge of apparel designing by an internship or entry-level experience is the technical need of an apparel graphic designer. The employment is done by the apparel brands themselves or by a third party that contractually designs the graphics of the apparel of different brands. The main work of an apparel graphic designer is to design individual and unique designed images of clothing. Understanding the brand’s audience, creating appealing and cohesive clothing design is what the apparel graphic designer has to look for. Creating different graphic and textual designs for t-shirts, pocket-placed embroidery designs, and different other prints are the sole responsibilities of this professional.

Logo Designer (around $18/hour)

A bachelor’s degree in graphic design can bag the job of a logo designer for anyone in any company. The requirements will vary according to the company’s manufacturing products, target markets, and aimed audiences. Possessing strong illustration ability and understanding customer advertising skills along with a stout portfolio can get a graphic designer to pursue their dream jobs- either as a freelancer or for a full-timer. To represent the company, product, service, or brand on a global scale, designing the most suitable logo design pattern, providing colors and shapes to establish it as an identity is the prime job of the logo designer. Also, trademark and copyright issues of the symbol are supposed to be maintained by the logo designer only.

Packaging Designer (around $21/hour)

For having an astonishing career in packaging designer job, one just needs to have a graduation in graphic designing and product designing. Usually, companies preferably hire a graphic designer or packaging designer with prior experience and a strong knowledge of customer desires. The main job responsibility of this job is to design products and packaging in a way that in brief, the whole features of the product is being perfectly conveyed to the consumers using ideal fonts, colors, and language. Also, the protection of the packages during shipping and delivery is something they also have to take care of. Designing the boxes, the containers, and the labels to attract the consumers is what makes this job prospect interesting and innovative.

Web Designer (<$22/hour)

A web designer is someone who takes responsibility for the plight of the company’s name and fame in the market. As the whole concept of marketing, sales, advertisement, and consumption has shifted into an online platform, designing of the websites, programming, technology, and graphic designs have become the basic important criteria to enlarge the business. For this, a web designer with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and a great portfolio of work can become successful by pursuing this job prospect. Web designers create individual web pages, designs layouts, prepare navigating tools, drop-down options- the whole structure and functioning of the website. To be a sole designer of a brand page or website, sometimes web designers need to have coding and programming skills as well.

Multimedia Designer ($58k/year)

This profession requires to have an associate or graduation in creative visual fields like multimedia digital art, graphic design, web designing. Sometimes the company requires some experience of CAD programs as well from the professional. Hence for an ever imaginative person who can create endless fantast designs with multimedia animated images and videos, this is a dream job for them. For a story’s background, characters, props, and scenes, the multimedia designer must use sketching, creating model scales, and computerized graphics to make it attractive and trending. As multimedia includes different platforms starting from TV programs to the cinema to games, there is the highest scope of exerting one’s expertise in innovation and creativity with the help of unlimited graphic designs.  

User Experience (UX) Designer (approx $90k/year)

A two-year degree in UX design, computer programming, and graphic design with some expert knowledge of how to manufacture a functional product combining the three specialties mentioned above is what is required to become a successful UX designer. Sometimes, a bachelor’s degree also works as per the project’s need. Their main job responsibilities are to create user and consumer-friendly products and services. The entire manufacture to end intended functioning of the product and whether they are satisfying the consumer’s needs and expectations is what the UV designer ensures. They also work for the smooth navigation of the associated websites, tests the logical flow of the functions for the product as well. If needed, they might need to work on technology-based products, computers, gaming programs, software, and automobiles for the production of visual graphics.   

User Interface (UI) Designer (approx $78k/year)

For a beginner UI designer, a minimum two-year degree in UI design, computer programming, and graphic design. Sometimes, the graduation degree also works; however, the pursuer must have a strong conceptual and expertise background knowledge in all the three specialties and how to run them in the technologically functional interface. The professional is responsible to make sure that every webpage and the operations of the final product runs according to the user experience (UX) designers’ intention. They create a webpage, electronic programming, and advertisements to make communication with the consumer easier. With proper coding skills, they confirm whether the UX design is finely executed and is feasible.

Publication Designer (around $72k annually)

Someone who is willing to study for a bachelor’s degree in graphic design can pursue their career in the profession of publication designer as well. However, a hand in practice and experience in print designs make it easier for the person to be successful in this role. The publication designers must have a very flexible thinking capability to convert and translate written messages and information into a sketch; a skill of creating display data is highly required for this job profile. The main job of these professionals is to take the A-Z care of the printing publications. Every company produces its annual reports, research papers, books, quarterly reports with a lot of informatics data. To add appropriate informative images and on-demand graphic designs to this information, freelancer or hired publication designers are required. To incorporate the data in a visually appealing graphic chart into the publication is what these publication designers are hired for.    

Advertising Designers ($62k yearly approx)

There are varieties of jobs in this particular prospect; but for the basic eligibility, one needs to have a bachelor’s degree in Graphic design or CAD; along with some coursework on marketing, advertising and business. One must require a deep knowledge of marketing and design as well. With the help of sketching, graphic design, and photography, advertising designers are supposed to create compelling marketing materials. As advertising is all about highlighting services and products for the consumer’s attention. Hence they are responsible to create billboards, magazine mentions, website advertisements, promotional events, and everything to draw the attention of the target audience. They are a keen observer of consumer’s feedbacks as well as based on those they design; redesign the beneficiary features of the products, with the help of graphic design service.

Graphic designing is one of those professions that have come into rising with the rapid advancements of technology, especially of Information Technology (IT). This is an amazing platform that denies the division of arts and technology; it blends both and creates the best product. Above are the best and stable careers one can have in the future if they are willing to further study graphic designing.


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