FAKE NEWS | Don’t Be Falsified By What We Come Across


       The social being  converged with the social media  which circled them in the small world of digital fascinations, amusements and entertainments made them believe whatever they cross over for no reason .This could be the after effect of multi-technology  revolving us throughout this era. This , the unseen and, unheard facts are  the source of entertainment for youngsters  to discuss , share and speak these days.

      Researchers are keenly announcing falsified information or news  reach the people more quickly than people . This is the one way that incite the masses. They make the people to react much faster.The curbing of them would  more easier when we have better understanding about them. The first question is , “what is  fake news? How do they spread?  Who are their spreaders?  How to stop their spreading ?”

        Fake news are not true -north news  which created  to invoke the masses. We could also tell that they are yellow journalism or propaganda that contain dis-information which spread through social medias. Initially we could say that they are created for entertainment to make fool those readers who read it. They are often created to mislead a society or to destroy reputation of  certain agencies or public figures . This could be seen during elections . We hear the spreading of fabricated news about some politicians to deprive them of their support from people.

        In November 2012 , Claire Wardle rejected to pronounce “fake news” instead she used the word “information pollution” . She also said that they create three types of problems : 1. Mal-information 2. Dis-information 3.mis-information.Mis-information  are false information that are generated without harmful effect. Dis-information are false information with an intend to cause harm to people  and society. Mal-information are genuine information shared with an intend to create harm to masses.

     Furthermore, if we go on checking the facts about fabricated news we  would be able to  find the source for them is social media. They are not  only the source but spreading space to  citizens .They generate from them and spread through.  When these are shared from one to another we may think that they are true.

      If we think how to stop them, we can consider many methods that are rounding around us. Before believing  or sharing them we should consider their sourced from where they are created to understand of it is a false content or not. Read the whole story to understand what it’s trying to convey instead of just reading the headline . Also we should try to find out the date when they were created and by whom. This would sum it up that we should check the credibility or how genuine they are .

   We can use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to combat fake news. AI  can be used to identify the source of fake news and report whether they are  reliable or unreliable news before they spread large.

      These are not only the ways we could stop fake news damaging a larger masses. The sources of spread of  fabricated news and information that is social media like Facebook , Twitter etc.. should undertake some measures to stop fabricated news to allow it play it’s role to damage. We , the social being  should be understand that society that we live is not  very developed in terms of making people fool by unwanted messages or information . We  the  human beings stand to be fooled by others. This we conclude we could fooled by people most of the time. Remember that we should spread what is good for us and others only if we find it good or useful for the society.


Author BioAnamika Suresh,15 years old student of Cluny Public school and Junior College cheppumpara,Kottayam Kerala. She secure the Editor’s Choice tag in Monthly International Essay Competition, January,2019.




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