Education is the building block of progress of any country


Education is the basic tool for the development of consciousness and the reconstruction of society. By education I mean an all-round drawing of the best in the human in body, mind and spirit. ” —————————- Mahatma Gandhi

In the modern era of science and technology; through knowledge, imagination, and intelligent innovations, the world has revolutionized as well as the human race has made significant development in achieving a better tomorrow. This rapid progress is leading the modern civilisation to get complicated and sophisticated that individual has to strive their level best to fulfil their basic needs. This expeditious development facilitates the individuals to choose their own taste of matter and make their society as they wish to regardless of what others perception is. However this is may arise a conflict to the society and the last decade has witness this in terms of religion, culture, language and discrimination of race, colour, cast , creed , sex orientation etc. leading to social violence and splinter in sovereignty. To tackle the uncertain situation, we need an emerging and powerful implementation to uplift our society. Education is a major and unreplaceable tool for the uplifting the society as it is a productive constituent of our social, economical, political and intellectual aspects of society and has immense potentialities to tackle the social issues and empower the society by uplifting it. Though education provides plenty of ways to uplift the society, some major and revolutionary ideas are mentioned below can be highly useful and bears potentialities to tackle problems and make solutions of them :

  1. 1. EDUCATION BRIGHTENS INTELLECTUAL : Education enables a rich perception of intellectual that capable of analysing any social situation and make suitable accordance conveniently. Education brings a wider perception in the society that leads to extirpate the root cause of all evils arising in every complicated situation by analyzing and taking subsequent actions. Implementing education and moral ethics to the modern society would result in a better harmonic and synchronized ambience that strive to uplift their society individually. The individuals possessing sharp intellectual can bring out the best in them to uplift the society in terms of result outcomes and remarkable progress. This brings a positive source of empowerment to the society.
  2. EDUCATION SPREADS AWARENESS : Education brings the consciousness to analyze and predict the truth and it prevents the society to mislead by false beliefs. Through awareness education reduces the harm that the society gets through false misleading. Implementing education enables the human intellectual to surf analytically by logic and hence this results in rejecting the blind faiths and superstitions that bog down the society. Social awareness through education is a revolutionary aspect for uneducated, elder, and physically challenged individuals in the society as educational awareness comes in the form of skit, drama, textual, audio visual mediums. Implementing education to all the age groups brings awareness about their society and they lead to survive as a responsible citizen coming together to being out the solutions for future.
  3. EDUCATION CATALYSISE PROGRESS : Education is the pathfinder for everything, We an almost solve every complex creature of our society through education . Education acts as a catalyst for social empowerment and social uplift. Better education brings plenty of opportunity to grow and make contribution towards the society.
  4. EDUCATION TRANSMITS SOCIAL TRADITION : Education acts as a transporter which transmits the unique preserved culture, rules, tradition, skill and knowledge to the upcoming generations. This results in the social harmony and peace and the regulations transmitted helps the upcoming generation to showcase their own social heritage and uplift their own society.
  5. SOCIAL MOBILITY AND SOCIAL CHANGE : Social stratification is a universal social fact. Social mobility refers the movement of individual and group position or status in the social hierarchy of any society. There are two important factors of social mobility- education and income status. Now, free and compulsory education to all provides opportunity to enhance one’s educational and income status. In India, since independence Equality of education opportunity has proved which was earlier restricted.
  6. ECONOMIC ASPECTS: Equality of opportunity is a core value of democracy and Indian constitutional provision of education. Yet it has become increasingly clear that equalization of opportunity is exceedingly difficult to achieve in present economic condition. The economic process creating more and more as well widening the gap between rich and poor. Therefore, economy of society is important factor which has deep rooted implications on educational development and human development of any region. Karl Marx considered economy the basic structure for getting power and dominance in society. Further educational system also plays an important role in legitimizing control of the dominant section of society. Thus, the control economy can create wealth but educational power can only make it sustainable and provide legitimacy in society.
  7. DEVELOPMENT OF NEW KNOWLEDGE: Education is the way to acquire knowledge to achieve success in its life. Through education we develop new knowledge or addition to the existing knowledge to fulfill our new necessity. As we know that necessity is the mother of inventions. From simple savage society till present postmodern society, we can observe the drastic changes due to many inventions and discoveries. The initial knowledge of metals, fire and wheel played critical role in ancient development throughout world civilization. It acted as the turning point from food gathering to settled agriculture society. Similarly, there are many other examples of new knowledge in the history of mankind. Contemporary technological revolution through internet, multimedia and communication made the whole world as one village.
  8. INDIVIDUAL DEVELOPMENT : Education is very important for an individual’s success in life. Education provides pupils teaching skills that prepare them physically, mentally and socially for the world of work in later life. Higher education helps in maintaining a healthy society which prepares health care professionals, educated health care consumers and maintaining healthy population. If there is a deficit of educated people then society will stops its further progress.

Improvements in education are not only expected to enhance the efficiency but also augment the overall quality of society for a better tomorrow. Education is the topmost implementation that can be made to get social uplift in very stipulated time.


Author : PRATAP  JENA ,Student  of  B.Sc. B.Ed.  (Mathematics  Hons.)  from  R.I.E  Bhubaneswar  NCERT, A participant of International Essay Competition , August, 2018.



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