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    The enrichment of the society can be made possible through human resource nourishment.This magnificent creation -human should be made human of all manner with total enhancement.Their enhancement is for raising their own society.

     The human resource nourishment means making humans live in a positive vibe where he /she can understand the right out of the wrong.Their nourishment can be do through many ways.But as so far we travelled the ages, we have reached a conclusion that we humans learned everything from the nature till the end of empire’s age.As the historians and archeologists have discovered the technologies that were created at those ages , this is clear that learning is an indispensable component in our lives.So the change I wanted to implement would be in the system of education.u

    Education I want for the society and my people would be different from that of today.I mean education at the extreme level of a human where he/she ask for their own change.A change which is inevitable  which no one can deny.As the system of today’s learning they are just muggging up the things printed in textbooks or the notes written in notebooks.This is the only reason why they hate learning.So learning in education should be changed from oral learning to practical learning.

     Today, the technologies created are been destroyed and harming ourselves.The failure is due to  the misunderstanding of our environment.So ,a new subject called character and human should be introduced in education.This subject doesn’t mean the study of what is character instead the character of humans and nature  where they can achieve development.This study would involve oral and written also practical and observing.The totality of today’s education should be changed from oral and written to the combination of oral and written , practical ,observing and more enjoyable where they should understand they are undergoing a change.

  Education in this manner would make them more aware about their rights .The rights which denied a prosperous life, the right that suppressed them and the right they should have etc.. The practical knowledge through education which make efficient for highly paid jobs. This would increase the total productivity of the country. Thus, education has a major role in the overall development of our country.

    As we know education very important for the development of a country , it is also know that the country needs societies which can efficiently use their knowledge in different fields. They can help the government to look after the welfare of the administration.Neither other fields like tertiary sector  can also provide highly economic background.

      Even if a country has higher literacy rates, it may not have that much employment rates as  they would be higher unemployment rates.This would make the society less developed.In this case education is not the matter but  whole population aims at a single field.The matter is that we follow others path.Therefore, they should be trained to do all kinds of learning.Even the women who sit idle at home should be made to do some work according to their wish.This would add to the enhancement of the productivity of  the society.

    Education and learning became today’s basic components for development of our skills. We can make more from this skill. Inventions are the result a great skill and knowledge. As we know the great inventors of olden time were great skillful people.They were able to make wonders with their skills and the knowledge they got from their ancestors and teachers.Also when knowledge get  tied up with skill would create massive wonders which would make our lives easier and simpler.

  The qualities  they have are also indicators of the good quality population. This would make them earn more in the work they do since the boss of their assigned work can believe them.Further, they can assign more credible work on them. This is a minor but make a part of major role that education plays in uplifting society.

Students are the future generation.They are filled with different talents and skill.Their skill can be developed through  education  but we should  never forget about their talents. Their talents can be in different tastes. Some may like music , dance, drawing. Although education concentrates in a student’s skill development  and prepare them for the future.We should also enrich their talents  in a manner they can  more out of it.If a student likes to become a professional singer which is his real passion .Then he should be allowed to be a singer. But the elders should make him aware that his skills should not wasted.So he should choose a profession of his wish.This would add the to productivity which would be lost forever.

  The youth can also be turned into disastrous force when they are given wrong knowledge about the world . They may be filled with confusions when they enter colleges from schools. Here they may encounter  another problem bad friendship .This friendship would create a temptation in them to use  drugs ,alcohol.. This would destroy a productive youth.

      Today’s youth and the students are the future teachers,lawyers,doctors etc… They should be encouraged from childhood for becoming a good human when grown up.It may become insignificant when we make them idle .The film makers,singers,dancers could the children in front of us.They should be nurtured from childhood to be good citizens.These good citizens would constitute a good society of revolutionary developments. They should be able to think for the people and act accordingly and not follow the orders of any superior powers above them.They should be free everywhere and be able to raise sound against the wrong.

         Education makes a man responsible of his duties.It would make them to be productive .Their beginning and ending would have a reason of change which no one had ever dared  to do.Their voice will be the roar of the lion. Thus , education would be the change I wanted to implement for uplifting the society.But a system which would allow the students to be good citizen of a good society.


Author BioAnamika Suresh, 14 years girl from Cluny public school (Std.9), Kottayam. A participant of International Essay Competition, August .



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