Earthquake | Definition, Causes, Effects, & Facts

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       Well, it’s quite attention-grabbing that through technology, technology awareness will be unfolded. I’d wish to jump into the subject instantaneously. Disasters happen because of the imbalance within the region. Basically, all issues come back because it isn’t snug. A number of the common natural disasters embody wave, flood, drought, earthquake, tornado, landslides, Avalanches, sinkholes etc.

I am here to offer a bit of knowledge regarding Earthquake. Earthquake is caused due to sudden breakage of rock underground on a fault. This sudden movement releases a vast quantity of energy. The vibration caused is big. Its impact is shaking that one feels. Quantity of shaking depends upon the sudden movement. Most earthquakes occur on the sting of the oceanic and continental plates. The crust (the outer layer of the planet) is created of many items, known as plates.

Things that may cause earthquakes are:
       • High carbon dioxide Pressure
       • Heavy Rain
       • Building dams
       • Groundwater extraction (Decrease in pore Pressure)
       • Groundwater (Increase in pore pressure)
       • Pore Fluid Flow
       • Underground Mining

Some of the deadliest Earthquakes in History:
           ¨ January 23, 1556, in Shansi , China
           ¨ July 27, 1976, in Tangshan, China
           ¨ December 26, 2004, in Sumatra, Indonesia
           ¨ August 9, 1138, in Syria, Aleppo

Do you know how is earthquake measured? Well and sensible if you recognize, however it doesn’t matter if you don’t recognize as none is aware of everything. It’s measured by a tool named measuring seismograph or seismometer. It provides the ordered series that measures the magnitude of associate earthquake.

The 1960 Valdivia earthquake or nice Chilean earthquake of 22 may is that the most powerful earthquake ever recorded. Varied studies have placed it at 9.4–9.6 on the instant magnitude scale. This can be a reality. Facts are invariably there in each topic.

In everyone mind, One question would flash in everybody’s mind once we quote Natural Disasters. Can you tell me what that is? Yea, you people are completely right. It’s regarding prevention as “Prevention is better than Cure.”  However to our utter dismay, there’s no prevention method. We have a tendency to can’t forestall natural earthquakes from occurring however we are able to considerably mitigate their effects by characteristic hazards, building safer structures, and providing education on earthquake safety. By getting ready for natural earthquakes we are able to additionally scale back the danger from human-induced earthquakes.

Can earthquakes be controlled? The results of associate experiment in earthquake control at Rangely, Colorado ensure the expected impact of fluid pressure on earthquake activity and indicate that earthquakes will be controlled where we are able to control the fluid pressure in a very fault zone. But how far it’ll work out is unknown?

What ought to I Do Before, during, after An Earthquake?

Before an earthquake…
      Make certain you have got a fire extinguisher, attention kit,   a powered radio, a torch, and additional batteries reception.
      Learn attention as some skills ar should to be far-famed.
      Learn the way to put off the gas, water, and electricity.
       Make up an idea of wherever to fulfil your family when associate earthquake.
       Don’t leave serious objects on shelves
       Anchor serious article of furniture, cupboards, and appliances to the walls or floor.
       Learn the earthquake set up at your college or geographic point.

During an earthquake…..
       Stay calm! If you are inside, keep within. If you are outside, keep outside.
       If you are inside, stand against a wall close to the middle of the building, interchange an entry, or crawl underneath serious article of furniture
       Stay off from windows and out of doors doors.
       If you are outdoors, keep within the open off from power lines or something that may fall. Stand back from buildings
       don’t use matches, candles, or any flame. Broken gas lines and fireplace do not combine.
       If you are in a very automobile, stop the automobile and keep within the automobile till the earthquake stops.
       Don’t use elevators

After an earthquake…
       Help yourself and others who are innjuried. 

       If you are at college or work, follow the emergency set up or the directions of the person answerable.
      Stay off from beaches. Tsunamis and seiches typically hit when the bottom has stopped shaking.
      Stay off from broken areas.
      Stay out of broken buildings.
      Turn on the radio. Do not use the phone unless it’s associate emergency.
      Check water, gas, and electrical lines for harm. If any ar broken, shut off the valves. Check for the smell of gas. If you smell it, open all the windows and doors, leave directly, and report it to the authorities.

Awareness will be unfolded among folks. These will be instructed to students in class. One ought to be ready to face something however not leave one’s hope. The factor to happen can as expected to happen. I think you most likely learnt one thing from my essay. Even this was a small amount boring subject; it’s a requirement to be far-famed. Anyhow, bye until my next essay.


Author BioSahithya B.A, from Karur, India, A participant of International Essay Competition, December.



  1. Greetings, your post here was really good. Did you hear about that earthquake in California? I’m going down to San Fransisco soon and I’m kind of worried! Thanks for the post, and I look forward to seeing your reply.


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