Color Doesn’t Matter

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Society judge people by their colour. But first question is *who is society?* we are ! Actually also we are the one who want equality between *skin colour !* we are the one who want to be treated as whites. We are the one who do protest that colour doesn’t matter . 

We put post’ s about it give speech’s . But we the one who put lots of fairness cream we do we do lots of treatment and try a lot to get fair skin. I think we should also rays our voice for these makeup, cream commercials who promises you to get fair skin tone.. its all fake because it isn’t possible nothing can do that..and they are also putting this negative thoughts to young youth that black and Brown are not beautiful white is beautiful. In these day this thing is fixed in everyone’s mind firstly put this thing out of your mind let me give you 2 imp example. A mother tell her daughter to do treatment to get a fair skin otherwise you will not get a nice groom,
A mother asked her children  tell me what you want in your life partner her son And daughter said fair skin and then they talked about other quality *WHY !* because in these day people go on colour and then everything comes for them colour is more important than hearts !

So I just want this thing to change. It doesn’t matter that you are Brown or black you are beautiful. Put your self confidence on  the most highest level. don’t give importance to what society say they are no one to decide whether you are beautiful are not *you are the only one who can decide it !* and always you should ask yourself and your answer to yourself should be *I’m the most beautiful person* mainly my heart is beautiful not bad like societies heart! Everyone on this earth is beautiful. I’m a Brown girl and I’m proud to be….because I have self love…….

*Love Yourself*……and make yourself your true lover….. 


By: Bushra Khan…


  1. I hope u all like it because in our everyday life somewhere we face this problem
    Society is like oh apply some fairness cream you are having dark skin pls don’t listen to them because “colour doesn’t matter”

  2. Beautiful message for the society..for us..keep it up Bushra khan.. every little step towards positive change in our society is the most powerful one …


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