Believe in Yourself and Your Actions

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Every one of us, from a kid to a teenager to a mature adult, likes to hear compliments about our intelligence, our strength, our personality, our behavior and a lot of other personal traits. Every one of us like others to praise us and talk about us. However, when we start to rely on people’s judgements about us and start changing ourselves according to their opinion, we lose control over our life. This is completely wrong and unacceptable. Instead, we should always believe in ourselves and our opinions. Our life should always be controlled by our rules because people around us don’t know what is best for us. Even our peers and friends don’t know us as much as we do. So always maintain a good relationship with self. Start to take own decisions and be a leader, a hero of one’s life. Stop comparing and associating with others as every human being is unique. Comparison may result either in developing an “attitude” or in lowering of “self- respect”. Comparison with others will never motivate us to march towards our goal. Instead, it will always make us lose hope on everything too soon. Most importantly, just ignore what people say about us and don’t overthink their opinions as this will distract us from our dreams. We will be afraid to work on our own ideas, judgements and thoughts. It’s not someone else’s life it’s ours so learn to lead it on our own terms. Nevertheless, at times our judgements or decisions could be incorrect, ill-chosen or untimely. Never hesitate to take a piece of advice from elders and parents before taking an important decision of life because they are our well-wishers offering correct advice and an outsider perspective. Trusting someone blindly is also not an option because sometimes people prove to us that we are actually blind. So, learn to lead and control our life and it will be an ultimate key to fulfil our dream. Always believe in oneself and one’s actions. The actions which are appropriate for one person could be completely inappropriate or inaccurate for other. Also, life is too short to waste and misuse your precious time thinking about other people’s judgement about us. Instead, utilize that time productively to do something creative, innovative and constructive. At the end believe in oneself because that is what makes us stronger and makes our life as beautiful as we are.

By: Avani Mandar Joshi

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