Beautiful Dark Girl | A Poem

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Her Onyx skin when kisses gold;
Languid sea, when cheers up while sunset Cayenne cold.
Her skin of Kaali, eyes of Sita,
Her feet of Ishtar, heart of Durga.
Her skin, abode of thousand flowers,
All other beauties, she alone Mars.

The world Mighty bows in respect to her skin,
Beautiful girl with sober mien.
When cold tears of heaven, touch her skin ablaze;
Shine of diamonds thousand, fade into haze.
God has given part of self to her
She has to have a beauty sheer.

Beauty so poignant, deep till core;
So incredible, even mountains adore.
Dear girl, don’t let the world tarnish your true beauty;
You’re an ocean of generosity.
You’re the most wonderful creation of God,
The most beautiful creation of Lord.


Disha Arora

Author Bio : ©Disha Arora, 15 years old student , a participant of Quaterly Creative Writing Competition (OCT_DEC, 2019) organized by #Monomousumi .



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