Antiquity to the present

By Thakon Phewphong

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It is undeniable that the earth, there is consistently and eternal evolving, in the case of we returned to observe the happening or duration in each era, generally discerned the metamorphism and difference, in terms of society, values and attitudes, there are entire metamorphosis over time, with in historically there are many epochs have occurred over the centuries and millennium, which there are the unique identity and diverse prominence, with in this period will allow mention regarding the present era and the ancient era.

It is widely known that the archaic period and the digital period is the exceedingly opposite and distinction duration, when compared to mutually, whether it be regime, transportation, communication, attiring, education and entertainment media. In the part of transportation, on A.D. 1350-1767, mostly Thailand have transported in domestically and internationally via the junk ship including the people also popular to travel by boat on rivers due to it was the most nimble moving vehicle in those period, supersede of walking and wagons, when compared to the present, discovered the various citizen often roaming by automatic cars or other electronic transport, which considered it is the extremely convenient. On the other hand, the populace’s boat expedition in the former, It engendered the tradition and culture, which attracts tourists and fabricates the positive relationships between neighboring countries. These traditions are Long boated competition, which in those vogues, longboat jousting was extremely ubiquitous. It is one of the amusements to have it all.

Conversely, nowadays when technology pervasiveness, the Introversion and obsession with electronic media originated to have more considerable influence on living, resulting to the principally people in society utilized times regarding media addiction, telephone or computer, which is tremendously different from juvenile in the past, which the primarily youth celebrated with friends or neighbor, native recreation or sharing; for example, Banana Rib HobbyHorse Riding in Thailand is the primitive activity, which utilized banana stalk implanted around the accommodation or in the plantation, devised to appearance as the horse, which numerous youth widely popular due to it is physical strength training interweave jocularity including strengthen relationships in the community, or Day Gay amusement in Vietnam, which conducted the bamboo to operate in playing, which these associations has benefits and assists utterly promote positive healthiness to physique and mental health. However, In the 21st century, advancements in software, networks and diversified signaling systems has been more expand, internet, USB and other have been transform into essential factors of humanity, until unable to lack the electronic instrument, but the advantages of digital evolution, there are also many; for instance, firstly, reduce labor in various tasks such as controlling industrial production or calculating averages, instead utilizing numerous of people as the past, secondly, to engender equality in society and greater distribution of opportunities than previous, thirdly, assisted to diffusion information rapidly and comfortable, fourthly, as an educational resource able to seek erudition and learn in various teaching materials, along with ascertained the research based on interests in order to increase learning efficiency.

Finally, the convenient and swift communication system is universal, both in Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Australia and Europe, etc.

Similarly, the past epoch is also the origin of magnificent inventions, history, medicine, literature, experiment, as well as social beliefs, which is the salient insulator on the tourism economy and fabricated the minimum wage more valuable. In particular, the Tour Eiffel, with was constructed in 1889 in order to be the symbol of France at the World Fair, which it is the exceedingly engaging artifact for foreign tourists due to it is the most elevate tower ever assemble in France, or Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, which was manufactured in 1173 and established in 1350, with it is the significant ancient study sites in physics and mathematics. Nevertheless, various eras entirely have different developments, colors, and progress. Hence, the advantages and disadvantages of each period are not able to be refuted or compared.

To summarize, assorted centuries and epochs have divergent roles and prominence. Therefore, in the case of comparing the era, it depends on the notion and satisfaction of the individual, we unable to analyze or diagnose that which epoch is preferable due to people’s tastes are dissimilar, as well as the functions and social cycles of each period, there are unique identity and obviously disparate values, whether it be socializing, surroundings, environment, welfare benefit, civilization or traditional, which There is a continuous and endless evolution or advancement.

By Thakon Phewphong


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