An Elegy Written In Memory of My Late Friend

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Bequeath thy erumpent flames Oh, Sun!

Bequeath them in the hands of night..

The day now retreats and thy task is done,

 Now withdraw thy sparkling shimmers and thy luminous light.


The edifying night of profound reflection now draws in,

An indefinable aura now engulfs me and silence seems deafening..

An unseasonable algor the ambience holds,

And a miscellany of flaming emotions anchors my languid soul.

Now awakes my memory from her deep somnolence,

And renders to my frayed heart, your heartfelt remembrance…

Now some silent and substantial vocabulary my mind does lend..

And thus from the chasm of my heart, an elegy arouses in your memory my dearest friend..


My Friend- A temporary guest to earth you were and your heart lodged pure compassion, 

Now you rest on the bosom of nature and are a belonging of the ineffable heaven…

Your remembrance swells the note of melancholy…

And often awakens and buffets my enervated memory..


Dearest friend rest peacefully on the lap of earth,

Now no shrill clarion of cannoning worries shall clatter your mind,

Neither shall euphoria beguile you with her demure mirth…

Nor shall the horologe alarm you or remind…


Your each voluminous deed shall glorify my song of your ardent praise..

And I will always cherish your loyalty and our friendship till the end of my days..

You never inculcated bad vices in you but lived a life full of virtues..

With due respect, adieu to you dear friend, adieu!


Your departure has contrived an unfathomable void in the frail chalice of my heart..

Thou art gone but thy satchel of memories remains behind, 

And whenever those memories provoke my soul, they drift me apart, 

Yet I have a hope that one day upon the azure sky to you I will find.. 

By: Mohammed Mukarram Shaikh 

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