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By Swaroopa Manthri

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Becoming an engineer is a dream for most of us. Of course, it’s a tough job to invent something new. It needs proper dedication, effort, knowledge, and hard work, and what not? Before this, a proud inspiration matters a lot to think more logically. When you think about the best eminent engineers in the search engine, you would notice Mr. Vishveshwarayya.

Mr. Vishveshwarayya is not only an engineer, he is a statesman, scholar, and a recognized personality in the engineer’s world. He is well known for his hard work and disciplined nature. His achievements and his excellent, skills are incredible to know about. On the eve of his birthday, September 15th is celebrated as engineer’s day on every year.

Let’s know about this eminent personality in detail:

His full name is Mr. Mokshagundam Srinivasa Shastry Vishveshwarayya. He was born on 15th September 1860. His father Mokshagundam Srinivasa Shastry is a Sanskrit teacher and his mother Venkata Lakshmamma is a housewife. But at the age of 12 years, Vishveshwarayya’s father expired. He had completed a BA degree in central college Bangalore in the year 1881. After this, he completed his civil engineering in Pune.

Knowing more about his career challenges:

He came from poor family background and after the demise of his father’s death, he led his life financially by teaching the kids. He is the one who designed the flood protection system in Hyderabad. He played a key role in this project designing phase being an eminent engineer. He received doctorates from 8 universities in India. He is such an intelligent personality. Throughout his career, his challenges as an engineer for 30 years and an administrator, and a government advisor for 20 years mark his track record in his professional life.

Some of his work milestones:

  • He worked as a chief architect in the construction field and during the period of Krishna Raja Sagara dam construction in Mandya, his contribution and assistance in converting barren lands to fertile lands benefited many farmers to do farming. He is such an idealistic person and always wanted people to get benefited from his work as an engineer.
  • He designed the largest Asia housing colony, Jaya Nagar, in south Bangalore with the best layout.
  • He is the one who assisted the government engineering college in Bangalore in the 1917 year and this is one of the best engineering colleges in Bangalore it is later named Vishveshwarayya College of engineering university. You know it is the first engineering institute established with the help of Mr. Vishveshwarayya only.
  • He joined as an assistant engineer in the public works department of Mumbai in the year 1884.
  • In 1895, he designed waterworks for Sukkur municipality. His work is incredible and helped in healing the problem by designing a blockchain system to eradicate water that comes with the wasteful flow in dams.
  • His design intelligence also helped out for the Visakhapatnam port area as well in solving the problem of sea erosion. Otherwise, its danger is unimaginable to predict.
  • He installed automatic barrier water flood gates in Khadakvasla reservoir in Pune in the year 1903.
  • He also worked as a chief engineer in Mysore in the year 1909.
  • Moreover, in 1912 he was appointed as Divan in Mysore and he offered his service in this position for almost 7 years.
  • You know on the eve of engineer’s day in 2018, reputed company google created a special doodle for his 157th birthday. Moreover, you can see two metro stations in India honored with his name sir m Vishveshwarayya station and the sir Vishveshwarayya Moti Bagh station in Delhi.

Apart from his achievements record and his success track, his dignity is well appreciated in his entire life.

You know Vishveshwarayya is famously known as VM sir. He is not only an engineer but also an expert in solving serious disasters in the irrigation department with his excellent irrigation techniques.

Finally, this eminent engineer expired at around 102 years of age on April 14 in the year 1962. His biography is a lesson to many young engineers today. His hard work and success as a leading engineer are honored with a prestigious award namely Bharat Ratna in the year 1955. He is proud of India’s engineering sector. Moreover, King George v is honored him with a British knighthood award as well.

Bottom line:

If you want to become an engineer and an inspired personality, Mr. Vishveshwarayya’s biography makes you learn more about how to succeed in your life. Just try to know more about him and spread awareness for the young engineers.

By Swaroopa Manthri

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